Automate Your Business Processes

Granting a license or permit can require the input of multiple stakeholders, all with their own busy lives and long list of other responsibilities. GovPilot allows you to involve all relevant parties, without delaying the process.

GovPilot’s workflow automation engine eliminates communication bottlenecks and streamlines time-consuming tasks. Workflow rules are completely customizable and can be easily configured through a drag-and-drop interface. Harness the power of automaton to optimize processes, enhance communication and improve transparency.

Create Workflows, No Coding Required

Workflows can be designed and deployed, no coding skills or technical knowledge necessary. 

Administrative users can map, build and publish an entire department-level business process in minutes. Need to make a quick change? Modify hierarchical rules, without having to reconfigure the whole workflow. 

Improve Accountability And Transparency

Workflows empower employees to quickly identify missing approvals or required documents, expediting request fulfillment while providing organizational visbility.

By centralizing and automating communication and task assignment, workflows promote a level of accountability sure to improve employee performance.

Just Set And Forget

Leverage workflows to define, set and trigger both one-time and recurrent activities and events.

Rules are so dynamic that workflows can complete multiple tasks at once, regardless of complexity.