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5 Questions for Benjamin Doda, 1 of the New Jersey Tech Scene’s Biggest Champions

GovPilot is proud to be a part of New Jersey’s technology startup scene—a vibrant community that is just beginning to receive the...

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3 Reasons to Automate Your Government Processes

You stand in front of the supermarket and the doors part to allow you through. You load your shopping cart with your regular...

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Flashback Friday: How the South Bronx Went from Devastation to Destination

Today’s proliferation of vacant properties is attributed to the 2008 housing bubble collapse, but property abandonment has...

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Unique Accommodations: GovPilot Can Help Cities Use Airbnb’s Business Model to Their Advantage

Every so often, an innovation comes along that forces government to reevaluate long-standing rules and regulations.The Model T...

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Is Online Voting the Future?

November’s presidential election is on many Americans’ minds.Some have made their decision as others harbor doubts.


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6 Things Your Government Needs To Consider Before Implementing GIS

Across the globe, local governments are using geographic information systems (GIS) to engage citizens, deliver improved services,...

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