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Should the Public Sector Use Cloud or In-House Servers?

Most local governments have wisely made the decision to make a digital transformation; opting to leverage the internet instead of...

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How to Train Government Workers on Cyber Security Threats

Recent ransomware attacks on the Colonial Pipeline and the world’s largest meat supplier have proven how serious of a risk cyber...

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Electronic Tabletop Training: A Revolution in Emergency Preparedness

A flood, an active shooter, a tornado, civil unrest or a train derailment are all disasters no matter their origin; man created,...

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Municipal Bond Ratings: Yet Another Reason to Enhance Cybersecurity

As if local government leaders don’t already have enough to worry about when it comes to cybersecurity and the ongoing ransomware...

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Gone Phishin'
By govpilot On February 6, 2020

Gone Phishin'

Email "Phishing" attacks on employees are the surest way for hackers to gain entry to a government's network. With staff...

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Modern Government Management in the Digital Age

Revenue generation. Ransomware. Data management. IoT. Infrastructure repair. FOIA & OPRA requests. Constituent services and...

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