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Win the Race against Pizza

You’ve just purchased a piping hot pizza. Pepperoni. Extra cheese. Just how you like it. You open the passenger’s side door and...

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May Every Month be as Great as May!

A productive May 2018 serves as GovPilot #goals for months to come.

This month, we :

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4 GovPilot Processes for a Relaxing Beach Day

It’s Memorial Day Weekend—the official start of summer! Snooki, The Situation and crew have returned to the shore and beach...

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GovPilot Deploys First New Jersey Building Department Module

Hoboken, NJ-For over 700 days, the GovPilot team worked early mornings, late nights and weekends to develop a custom,...

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3 Tips to Master the Art of Persuasion or: How to Get Colleagues to Stop Worrying and Love GovPilot

“There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share.”— Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, 2007.


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Golden State Killer Arrest: An Answer Raises New Questions about Big Data

A government software manufacturer dedicated to furthering the responsible application of today’s wealth of information, GovPilot...

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