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GovPilot Deploys First New Jersey Building Department Module

By Alannah Dragonetti

Hoboken, NJ-For over 700 days, the GovPilot team worked early mornings, late nights and weekends to develop a custom, comprehensive module for  Hillsborough, New Jersey's Building Department—the company's first Building Department module in GovPilot's home state.


Vice President, James Delmonico, expressed pride in all members of the team, particularly System Architect, Bhavan Patel, who internalized NJ Department of Consumer Affairs' building module rules and regulations to optimize the development phase and led staff in onsite training sessions to ensure a smooth adoption.


BhavanGovPilot VP, James Delmonico, commends System Architect, Bhavan Patel, for his work on the module.


"[Patel's] hours, effort and ability to automate this module was really outstanding," says Delmonico. "The commitment Bhavan displayed to make sure this was a successful deployment is what defines a GovPilot employee."


Hillsborough is one of 60 plus satisfied GovPilot clients scattered throughout the United States and Canada.


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