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4 GovPilot Processes for a Relaxing Beach Day

By Alannah Dragonetti

It’s Memorial Day Weekend—the official start of summer! Snooki, The Situation and crew have returned to the shore and beach bunnies across the country will follow suit, many braving hours of heavy traffic in a hot car to enjoy the sand, surf and souvenir shops in your beach town. Why not give them a sweet summer treat for their troubles?


GovPilot government software

Give beach goers a reason to return to your town year after year.


Sunglasses snap, ice pops melt, but the following four GovPilot processes offer beach goers a reason to return to your town year after year.


4 GovPilot Processes for a Relaxing Beach Day


1. Marina Lease


GovPilot’s Marina Lease process ensures nothing but smooth sailing for boat owners.

Beach towns simply publish GovPilot’s digital Marina Lease application form on their official website, where boat owners can easily find and complete it at any hour of the day. Mandatory form fields guarantee that your staff has all necessary information before a custom automated workflow carries submitted forms through the proper order of operations for swift and efficient processing. Applicants don’t have to own a speed boat to appreciate the quick turnaround.


GovPilot government softwareGovPilot automation speeds up the Marina Lease application process.


2. Boat Ramp Permit


Ramp up the convenience with GovPilot’s Boat Ramp Permit process.

Our signature combination of digital form and automated workflow technology helps boat owners sail through the Boat Ramp Permit application process. Permit, ho!


3. Beach Parking

It’s not only boat owners who will appreciate the convenience with which they can rent a parking space. GovPilot’s Beach Parking process assures season pass holders that they always have a spot close to the shoreline.

Everyone benefits when you optimize your beach parking space reservation process. Beach goers don’t have to lug towels and umbrellas very far. You’ll see how quickly convenient processing can lead to an uptick in registration and revenue generation.

3. Locker Rental


Beach goers become salty when their smartphones and wallets are ruined by moisture and sand. Why not set-up a locker system supported by GovPilot software?


GovPilot government software

      Set-up a locker system supported by GovPilot government software.


Our Locker Rental process allows beach goers to reserve cubbies to store cells, sunglasses and snacks in, so they can frolic with friends carefree in the sea!

Leave marina leasing, boat ramp permit issuance, beach parking and locker rentals to GovPilot and enjoy a relaxing day at the beach along with everyone else!


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