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Rutland, Vermont Deploys Government Management Software Across Departments With GovPilot’s Unlimited Plan

By GovPilot

The Vermont city selects GovPilot as provider of cloud-based government management software to streamline operations and constituent services.

RUTLAND: September 21, 2023-  The city of Rutland, Vermont implemented government management software solutions alongside other government technology into their municipal offices last year with an aim to streamline operations, improve municipal services for citizens, automate outdated government processes, and store critical public data in the government cloud. This year, Rutland deployed extensive modules and solutions with GovPilot’s unlimited government management software plan. In collaboration with GovPilot, a government management software provider based in New Jersey, this Rutland County municipality established a partnership that allows citizens simplified access to public records, communications with Rutland local government leaders, and options to submit and track government forms completely digitally.

Rutland government officials have partnered with GovPilot to integrate innovative technology solutions that will digitize time-consuming government processes within their local government for streamlined workflows and constituent engagement. This partnership will provide both citizens and government officials simplified access to data and information to save valuable time and resources. 

Among the many software solutions and technological improvements deployed by Rutland in recent months is the Report-A-Concern citizen reporting software. The 15,851 residents of Rutland have been given the opportunities to utilize this government software for improved citizen and government communications. With citizen concern reporting, Rutland was provided access to the GovAlert mobile application, an application available in the App Store and GooglePlay that empowers constituents to share non-emergency concerns such as potholes or fallen trees, with government officials in the time it takes to send a text. This convenience provided to citizens allows them to utilize their smartphones to connect with their local officials in seconds, before the report is automatically routed to the correct government department to be addressed. 

Rutland also recently launched Pet Licensing software which makes it easy for pet owners to register their pets with the local government. The Dog / Cat License module offers a convenient solution for pet owners to apply for and renew their annual licenses, and an efficient way for issuing departments to manage and track renewal statuses. Further, the software automatically notifies pet owners when their animal’s license is about to expire and needs a renewal. Notifications can be sent mobilly to pet owners once their license is approved or denied. 

Digital permitting solutions have also been incorporated into Rutland’s workflows to allow government permitting processes to exist in a fully virtual capacity. This process is more convenient for citizens, who no longer have to travel to city hall to complete paperwork. Zoning Permits and Building Permits are included in this digital transformation, and have been made simple for constituents as they can now apply for permits online, and receive automatic updates regarding the status of their permit’s approval. Any next steps that need to be taken regarding the permitting process for individuals looking to acquire one will also be automatically forwarded to the citizens on their mobile devices to streamline their approval. 

Vacant Property Registration is an additional digital form provided by GovPilot that has contributed to massive time savings for Rutland government workflows. The Vacant Property Registration software streamlines the application process for local governments and property owners. Property owners are automatically notified if/when they need to re-register their vacant homes so they know to notify the local government of any vacant properties. Submission of a vacant property application allows for properties to be tracked and inspected to address and document any safety concerns regarding the infrastructure. This software solution mitigates the common issue of irresponsible property owners letting properties waste away without notifying the government of the vacancy. Once the form is submitted, the issuing department can keep track of renewal statuses and the applicable fees owed to the local government.

Alongside the Vacant Property Registration form is the ability for citizens to apply for a Certificate of Occupancy for their residence or business. Applicants can apply online for an occupancy use permit with required information being mandatory for submission to ensure all of the correct information is provided. Once submitted by the citizen, the issuing government department can do the appropriate review, fee calculating and notification delivery. After approval, the applicable certificates can be issued without citizens ever needing to leave their homes.

Michael Bonner, GovPilot CEO was quoted saying, "Report-a-concern software alongside will allow citizens to have their voices heard and issues addressed, while online permitting makes the entire application process easier.”

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