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How To Improve Municipal Services for Underserved Community Members

Government services, at their core, are built on the principles of accessibility and inclusivity, intended to serve every member...

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The Insider Threat Related to Cybercrime 

Cybercrime is on the rise, there is no denying that as hackers get more advanced and the rise in ransom amounts to retrieve...

(5 min read )

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Local Government Community Engagement Strategies

When local governments actively involve residents in local decision-making processes, they gain invaluable new knowledge and...

(6 min read )

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BEAD Broadband Grants for Rural Communities: What Local Governments Should Know 2023

If your government is operating from a rural location, there’s a serious chance that your internet and internet infrastructure...

(8 min read )

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Going Paperless in Government 2023: Tips and Strategies For Local Governments

In the modern age, technology offers a solution for everything. From grocery delivery to carshares to same day package delivery,...

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