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City Governments & Pickleball: Bringing The Popular Sport to Your Neighborhood

By Marisa Pangaro

With pickleball's rising popularity, people across the country are looking for a chance to play the sport in their communities. Local governments like yours need to factor this growing popularity into public space planning, building courts, handling court rentals, and beyond. 

This rapidly growing sport has captivated people of all ages and backgrounds across the nation, offering a unique blend of physical activity, social engagement, and accessibility that is not always found in traditional sports. By embracing pickleball, local governments can lay the foundation for a healthier, more connected, spirited community, where residents can come together, and forge a sense of community. 

In this guide, you’ll learn how your local government can improve municipal services to  efficiently bring pickleball to your neighborhoods, and the positive impact it can have on the overall well-being and unity of your residents. GovPilot can help your local government get in on the action by bringing the sport to your community quickly! Get a GovPilot Demo

Why Do Local Governments Need to Care About Pickleball? 

Local governments need to care about pickleball because their citizens want to play, it can boost the local economy, and it is a prime opportunity to get less active community-members some great exercise! 

Learn more about why pickleball courts needs to be available in your neighborhood:

  • Pickleball is Rising in Popularity Among U.S Citizens 

Citizens of all backgrounds and demographics seem to enjoy pickleball, making it the perfect sport for younger and older people in your community to utilize the courts. The low-impact sport is very accessible to all citizens, and has adaptable rules that can be adjusted to accommodate every skill level. 

Construction of new courts will encourage community members who have never had the opportunity to try pickleball to play, while attracting new players to your area. Embrace the popularity of the sport and build physical infrastructure to support the activity in your community. 

Learn more about how to promote equity in local government in our guide. 

  • Economic Opportunity

Bringing pickleball to your community has many benefits for local government revenue generation and economic development in your municipality

Building pickleball courts brings new tourism to your area when people travel to the community to utilize the pickleball facilities. Additionally, many communities charge fees for using public facilities like parks and sports courts or even establish organized leagues in their community to generate revenue.  

And don't forget, people are willing to invest in attire, paddles, etc. which can drive some serious revenue (and tax dollars) from your local sports shops. 

  • Great Way To Get Citizens Active

With obesity on the rise nationwide, it is critical for local governments to prioritize exercise within the community for public health purposes. Pickleball is a great, non-traditional way to encourage citizens to get active while having fun, being social, and learning a new skill. 

How To Build Pickleball Courts In Your Neighborhood

Building pickleball courts takes some planning, which is worth it to bring the sport to your community. Keep reading to learn easy ways to organize the construction of pickleball courts in your community. 

1. Planning and Zoning To Determine The Best Suited Public Spaces 

Plan and organize what areas in your neighborhoods will be the best suited public spaces to build courts. Which areas of your community have the most foot traffic to encourage people to hop on the court and play? What parks in your area could use a revamp or new attraction? 

Keep in mind when planning and zoning that citizens often complain about noise disturbances to their local government, and try to find a location for new pickleball courts away from neighborhoods or residential buildings when public space planning

Utilize Government Planning and Zoning Software to streamline zoning in your municipality. 

2. Utilize GIS Maps 

GIS maps are the best tool for assessing the potential land your local government can allocate towards pickleball courts. GIS Maps are a computer system used for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions regarding the geographic layout of your community.

Use GovPilot’s GIS Mapping Government Software to analyze data and pick the most convenient spots for your community’s pickleball courts. 

3. Accept Digital RFPs From Private Sector Contractors

An RFP is a document typically used by local governments to solicit proposals from potential vendors or contractors for specific projects. Accepting digital RFPs from private sector contractors to build pickleball facilities simplifies the application review process for your local government departments by automating the once manual process. 

Learn about local government partnerships with the private sector.

4. Digitize Construction Permitting

Digitize your local governments construction permitting with Government Construction Permitting Software to expedite the process of getting relevant permits approved for a faster construction turnover. This cloud-based construction permitting software empowers local governments to review, approve, and track projects from start to finish, all online.

How Can Your Government Promote Pickleball Courts For Local Economic Development? 

  • Release a press release promoting new pickleball courts in your neighborhood:

Creating a municipal press release and holding a local public meeting to inform residents of the new pickleball courts will entice them to check out the new community activity. Bringing buzz to the new pickleball courts will encourage all citizens to get out and use them, or at least check them out!

  • Forge leagues to drive revenue and bring more people into your community:

Encouraging citizens to join pickleball leagues to play the sport will likely lead players to spend time and spend money in your community. Enticing new citizens and tourists to utilize your parks and recreational facilities within your municipality will broaden the amount of citizens who spend money, patronize local businesses or surrounding vendors and encourage population growth. 

Learn more about Parks and Recreation Department Software and how to manage local parks in your community. 

Proper Government Pickleball Court Management Using Parks and Rec Software

1. Digital Business Registration

Digital Business Registration Software allows businesses related to pickleball like training and leagues to register online with your local government. When business registration is handled digitally, municipal and county employees can keep track of renewal statuses, business licenses, and other business records via this digital government cloud platform. 

2. Digital Activity Registration 

Allowing citizens to digitally register for local public activities makes it easier to form leagues, pickleball training or classes, tournaments, and more. Digital Activity Registration Software makes it possible for local governments to organize, manage, and track data regarding the public activities occurring in the community. Applicants can register on-line for various activities in the community. Once submitted, the department can keep track of payments and registrations.

Fees can be collected digitally by your local government. Explore the best credit card processing partners for local governments available with GovPilot integrations to get online payments incorporated into your government website design

3. Digital Facility Usage Application 

The manual process of scheduling space rentals online is made easier through automation with Govpilot’s Government Facility Use Application. This online form lets citizens register on-line to use various public spaces and facilities in the community. Once an application is submitted into the system, the appropriate government department can keep track of payments and registrations to manage the facility use. 

Use GovPilot To Bring Pickleball To Your Neighborhood

Bringing pickleball to your community quickly, as it rises in popularity, is critical to improve public health, revenue generation, parks and rec management, and overall constituent satisfaction. 

All age groups and demographics are beginning to understand the growing popularity of pickleball, and need somewhere to exercise and play it. Utilize GovPilot’s technology solutions for local government in order to streamline parks and recreation application processes and payment services regarding the sport. 

To learn more about how GovPilot can ensure the popular sport is easily integrated into your community, book a free consultation.

Local Government Pickleball FAQ’s

  • What Are The Benefits Of Bringing Pickleball To Your Community? 

Pickleball provides a welcoming environment for beginners and seasoned players alike, while fostering a sense of togetherness and unity. It's adaptable to various court sizes and allows for the efficient utilization of existing facilities, making it a cost-effective option. Pickleball also delivers significant health advantages, promoting physical activity, improved fitness levels, and improved mental well-being.

  • Why Should Health Departments Encourage Pickleball In Your Community? 

Health departments should care about bringing pickleball to your community because it is shown to improve citizen health when played, encourage mental well-being and stimulation, and it helps to combat growing obesity rates nationwide.

  • What Government Software Can Help With Construction Of Pickleball Courts? 

Introducing GovPilot’s Local Government Management Software into your community will help you bring pickleball courts into your neighborhoods efficiently and cost effectively. Here are some software solutions to help your local government integrate pickleball into the municipality: 

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