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GovPilot Support: A Partner for Customers

By govpilot

Technology can be difficult. While we have built GovPilot and its more than 120 modules with input and feedback from end users in local government so that the platform is intuitive and straightforward, we know that there will be issues, questions, and requests. We also know that in order to continuously improve GovPilot’s offerings and ensure customer satisfaction, we must be available to listen and help solve problems of every size and urgency. 

We’re proud to provide our customers with unlimited live chat and phone support available during regular business hours. Our support team members are GovPilot staff who have extensive technical knowledge of GovPilot products, and have earned a 97% customer satisfaction rating for their support. 

We caught up with George - GovPilot’s Vice President of customer support, and Georgina - a GovPilot Business Analyst to learn more about their efforts to keep GovPilot customers satisfied and operational. 

And yes, their names are George and Georgina…

What can customers expect in terms of support?

George: While new users are provided training through the onboarding process from their assigned customer success representative, new users often have general questions about features and functions as they get comfortable with the platform.

Chat support is available directly through the platform and is the fastest way to get help. Though we recommend that clients get in touch with their customer success representative for non-urgent matters, our team chats with customers directly and can answer questions, or provide a link to our knowledge base which can be very helpful for new users. 

Georgina: We have chats with customers every day, and respond quickly to chat requests. We aim to troubleshoot any technical issues swiftly and as efficiently as possible, and can escalate a time sensitive issue directly to our development team. Best of all, support is unlimited for customers. There is no extra cost, and any user of GovPilot can get in touch with us at any time. 

Phone support is available as well, but what is the advantage of live chat support?

George: We launched our live chat support feature in April 2019 with the goal of being more nimble, and responsive to our customers. We also wanted to be able to provide a record of our conversations to our customers so that they could go back and read through the chat histories. Those records help us ensure that our support and technical teams are able to take prompt action to resolve issues, which of course leads to customer satisfaction. 

Georgina: Another benefit of the chat function, is that we can mirror a user’s GovPilot session on our own screens so that they can show us the issue they are having in real time. This eliminates misunderstandings and results in a much faster resolution time. Often, major issues can be solved in one or two business days, if not within hours. 

What have you learned from customers while providing support? 

Georgina: As a Business Analyst for GovPilot, my job is to design and build workflows for the processes that customers wish to implement. When I provide support to customers I get a sense for all of the challenges that local government officials take on and how approaches can vary from government to government. The conversations I have with customers and the problems I help to solve, actually help me to make suggestions to our development team and build better workflows as a Business Analyst. 

George: As a company, we want to provide the best products and services available. We know that digital transformation for local governments and their employees can be challenging for a number of reasons - from the general implementation of new technology to encouraging adoption by employees and constituents. Our customer success and customer support teams are critical to ensuring that local governments can improve constituent services through increased efficiency and productivity. 

We truly see GovPilot as a digital transformation partner for local governments, and to earn that trust we have to be accessible and responsive. 

Are you interested in realizing greater efficiency, productivity, and constituent experience for your local government? Could working with a trusted digital transformation partner make your transition easier? If so, our Solutions Specialists would love to find time to speak and learn more about your challenges and goals. We are here to help! Book at FREE 15-minute consultation. 


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