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Digital Convenience: Constituent Experience

By govpilot

Putting aside the pandemic, when was the last time you booked a flight by calling the airline? When was the last time you cost compared departure times and the price of flights by calling individual airlines one at a time? When was the last time you used a phonebook to find a local repairman? How about the last time you faxed or mailed documents to your bank? Or the last time you searched through a physical rolodex to call a contact? 

In our everyday lives as consumers these are no longer realities. Today we research and book flights in just a few clicks through an online aggregator like Kayak or Google flights. We use Google or Yelp to find local repairmen. We open a mobile banking app on our phones to transfer money and pay bills. We shop online for just about anything we want with our payment processed directly through the e-commerce website.


Technology and the capabilities it has provided to individuals and organizations has changed substantially over the past decade. The digitization of commerce and services is nearly ubiquitous - and for good reason. Digital transformation and access to digital services provides convenience for customers, and increased efficiency and productivity for companies, as well as data-driven analytics which can be used to further improve services, customer experience, and the bottom line. Consider that today: 

  • 89% of all companies have adopted or plan to adopt a digital first business strategy.
  • 86% of companies believe cloud technology is critical to digital transformation.
  • 93% of companies consider innovative technologies as necessary to reaching their digital transformation goals.
  • 67% of consumers will pay more for a great digital experience. 

As customers, consumers, and yes, constituents, we expect convenience and speed - from hailing an Uber through our phone to ordering a pair of shoes online, or booking that flight, we can do it all from anywhere at any time without aggravation or the need to visit a travel agent’s office. We’ve been conditioned to expect the convenience that digital transformation provides. 

So it is grating for constituents and government employees alike to have to muddle through an experience more reminiscent of the phone book era than the iPhone era when it comes to interacting with their local government. 

Single-use, server-based software, PDF paper forms, in-person applications at city hall, and phone calls to check on the status of permit requests are highly inefficient, dated ways to conduct government business and ultimately lead to constituent dissatisfaction, delayed services, and declining revenue for governments that still rely on these processes. 

It is time for the public sector to catch up to the private sector in terms of digital services, for everyone’s benefit. While it may sound daunting, digital transformation for local governments and the vastly improved constituent experience that it provides is easier to achieve than one might imagine with massive budget outlays, long timelines, and hours upon hours of work. GovPilot enables governments to digitize public facing forms and tie records to specific property parcels, creating a full view of government operations and services. With unified data across all departments on a single cloud-based platform, governments can enhance the constituent experience: 

  • Eliminate obsolete PDF forms and paper processes by providing digitized submissions and payment directly through the government website.
  • Provide constituents with automated email status updates on applications and requests.
  • Significantly reduce constituent phone calls and foot traffic to city hall.
  • Display critical information on a publicly available GIS map via the government website.
  • Make records instantly searchable for employees across all departments from any device, anywhere, at any time in just a matter of clicks, ensuring that constituent inquiries and requests are resolved promptly. 
  • Save employees substantial time and increase productivity by eliminating analog paper processes.
  • Easily measure and report on outcomes - number of permit applications processed, etc.

That all adds up to increased efficiency, productivity, revenue, and happiness. 

It’s time to provide your constituents with the experience and convenience they expect. Let us show you how you can set your government up for digital success! 


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