The map paints a clear picture of sales and foreclosure rates, the status of various development projects and other critical information.Notice patterns and analyze trends with greater accuracy.


A tax assessor’s role differs by state and county. Create GIS map layers that illustrate the information you need while hiding the information you don’t.

Seamless Collaboration

Share assessment data with members of the Building and Construction Department to expedite the completion of products.

tax assessor GovPilot government software
conference table GovPilot government software


Generate variance lists, maintain tax rolls and perform other fundamental operations at any hour, from virtually any device.

Clear Communication

Taxpayers can view real estate valuations and more on GovPilot’s public-facing GIS map.Data visualization is an efficient, effective and transparent way to answer the constituent questions that regularly interrupt your work.

Improve Productivity

All of this time saved and information shared translates to an uptick in productivity that will leave you with a sense of accomplishment like you’ve never experienced!