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Webinar on Governmental Business Continuity & FREE Software

By govpilot

GovPilot will host an hour-long live webinar on Thursday, April 16th at 2pm EST to present the benefits of cloud-based government management 

during crises such as the COVID-19 outbreak, and share critical features of the ten free modules it has made available to local governments around the United States to help them organize their efforts against COVID-19.

Local government officials and employees from municipalities and counties nationwide, including Mayors, Council members, Business Administrators, Chief Information Officers, Emergency Managers, Clerks, and others are encouraged to join this free, informative presentation. 

The webinar, produced in partnership with ICMA SmartBrief, is titled “Cloud-Based Government Management for Crisis and Beyond” and will be hosted by GovPilot’s Chief Product Officer, James Delmonico and the Deputy Administrator of Camden County, New Jersey - Jim Rhodes. 

Webinar: Cloud-Based Government Management for Crisis and Beyond REGISTER HERE

In the wake of COVID-19 - local governments which have often relied on server based and paper processes to manage their operations and provide resident services - are looking for ways to enable remote work for their employees while ensuring business continuity for their departments, and access to services for their residents. 

Last year, Bloomberg highlighted the fact that many American cities are running on antiquated software from the 1980’s. Now according to Axios and GovTech, amid the COVID-19 outbreak, local government officials are scrambling to get employees set up remotely - if workers can’t come into the office. GovPilot’s secure cloud-based government management software is capable of providing the flexibility that local governments need to be able to operate effectively during these unprecedented times.

Specifically, the webinar will provide an overview of the critical need for governmental business continuity - whether during a pandemic, a natural disaster or more mundane disruptions. It will also provide an in-depth walk through of one of the modules that GovPilot has made available for free - a Receipting and Expense Tracking module - which allows governments to accurately track all Coronavirus related expenditures across all departments in real-time, so that governments can apply for reimbursement from the Federal government through FEMA and/or the CARES Act. 

“These are uncharted waters that require all of us to work together,” said GovPilot Founder and CEO Michael Bonner. “We feel it is not just our responsibility - but our civic duty - to offer local governments at no charge the tools that can help them navigate this unprecedented crisis, and we are excited to partner with ICMA SmartBrief on this presentation this coming Thursday.” 

Webinar: Cloud-Based Government Management for Crisis and Beyond REGISTER HERE

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