3 Industries Benefiting from Big Data

Sometimes it’s fun to take a step back and observe contemporary culture with a critical eye—like a historian analyzing the mores,...

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Survey Says, GovPilot Responds Part 3: Digitize Forms, Open Data

The input of subject matter experts provides GovPilot with a sense of direction on our continuing quest for improvement. In...

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Picture This: A Look at the Evolution of Data Visualization

The prevailing educational theory is that there are seven learning styles:

  1. Aural- Responds best to sound and music
  2. Logical- ...

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GovPilot’s FOIA Process: A True Masterpiece

The art world is beginning to embrace something that government has known all along—sharing data with the public pays off. 



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Move Over, Amazon!: The Rise of the Municipal Online Marketplace

Last week, we suggested 3 new year’s resolutions for municipal and county governments and explained how the GovPilot management...

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Illumination: How GovPilot Upholds United States Freedom of Information Laws

In Colorado, it is the CORA (Colorado Open Records Act). In GovPilot’s home state of New Jersey, it’s called the OPRA (Open...

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