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Only Silver Linings this April

By Alannah Dragonetti

April may have brought gray skies and gloomy weather, but the GovPilot team was only able to see the rain clouds’ silver linings. It helped to have the release of new features, the support of old freinds and the experieince of exhibiting at a top-tier tradeshow.

This month, GovPilot:


  • Published a Slew of New Features
      • To us, spring cleaning means polishing our brilliant system. Shiny and new features include:
        • The ability to print multiple reports
        • The power to include separate attachments in the same record
        • Thre option to insert a picture/image into a form or MailMerge/report
        • The ability to attach a Telerik report to an email in the workflow
        • The option to sign-in with a Microsoft Office account
        • Working restore button
        • Refined scroll loop
        • Improved multiple address search capabilities
  • Attended the NJ Conference of Mayors
      • GovPilot helps mayors break open the black box of municipal data, connect with constituents in efficient and innovative ways and please an often divided public. Tom and Dylan were grateful for the chance to show them how at the New Jersey Conference of Mayors Conference, in Atlantic City, NJ.
  • Saw Our Story in NJAC’s Newsletter
    • Is your local government stuck in the 1980s? Find-out on pages 14 and 15 of the NJ Association of Counties’ April newsletter. Thanks, NJAC!

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