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America: Tech, Yeah!

By Alannah Dragonetti

Last week, we argued that humanity’s relationsip with technology doesn’t have to be adversarial. Turns out that the overwhelming majority of Americans agree.

A recent study conducted by the Charles Koch Institute finds that 92% of Americans consider innovation an integral component of United States culture and history that enhances life (we live longer and better, thanks to modern medical intervention), liberty (technology grants us more freedom in the workplace) and the pursuit of happiness (just ask anyone who has met a friend or significant other online). Subjects spanned all ages, races and political leanings.


GovPilot government software

Residents may not agree with every one of your policies, but chances are, most agree with your decision to streamline processes with GovPilot government software.


Citizens will enjoy the convenience of digital application, renewal and request forms that remain on your government website for 24/7 completion and submission. They’ll appreciate automatic emails alerting them of key steps in case progression and they’ll marvel at their most sought-after datasets displayed on your custom geographic information system (GIS) map with color-coded clarity.

You and your colleagues will benefit from unified data, automated workflows and the convenience and efficiency those bring.

From Edison’s lightbulb to Jobs’ Macintosh, Americans are often the first to invent and adopt life-changing technology. Embrace GovPilot and keep the culture of innovation alive.


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