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Modern Government Management in the Digital Age

By govpilot

Revenue generation. Ransomware. Data management. IoT. Infrastructure repair. FOIA & OPRA requests. Constituent services and convenience. Inspections, permitting and licensing. Asset mapping. Staff turnover.

These are but a few of the issues facing local governments in 2020. While the list might seem daunting, it has become critical that cities and counties stay nimble and address these issues, often with limited resources and personnel. To do so, maximized efficiency, productivity, and cybersecurity are essential.

In today’s digital age constituents have come to expect convenience and efficiency in their everyday lives. So too have government employees who in many communities are stretched thin by both demands on their time and the inefficiencies of legacy processes such as single-use platforms and paper filing.


Exacerbating the issue is that, according to Axios, city governments are feeling a staffing squeeze as baby boomers retire and the tight job market makes it harder to attract millennials into municipal jobs. In 2018, 44% of state and local employers said that retirements are on the rise, with some workers even accelerating retirement dates, according to the most recent workforce report by the Center for State & Local Government Excellence. Vacant positions mean state and local governments are less able to provide services - and a less efficient, productive government means less happy constituents.

With so much for local governments and their employees to take on in such a dynamic and constantly changing environment, how can they innovate today while ensuring lasting success in the future?

At GovPilot, we believe that Modern Government Management is defined by a few key elements, and that when done well, they maximize the efficiency, productivity and security of local governments.

  1. Unified operations & departmental data: Long gone are the days of single-use platforms and paper processes. When data is updated in real-time, searchable, and shareable across departments on one platform via a dashboard, efficiencies are unlocked, employee productivity goes up, and bottlenecks and other distractions like constituent calls and walk-ins are greatly reduced.
  2. Access to information 24/7 from anywhere: When inspectors can search and update individual records that are anchored at the property level via GIS from their tablet in the field, employee productivity and constituent satisfaction increase.
  3. Security from cyber and physical threats: Unfortunately it is no longer a matter of if a government will be hit by a cyberattack, but when. More than 6,800 local and state governments have been impacted by ransomware since 2017, and the rate of attacks is only increasing. Add in the risk of floods and fires in today’s changing climate, and the need to secure data and operations through a cloud-based system is apparent.
  4. Ability to generate previously unrealized revenue: When data is easily searchable and sort-able, it reveals opportunities to generate revenue. Lapsed pet licenses, parks and rec permit renewals, vital requests, and more all become drivers of budget growth when data is accessible.

Implementing effective Modern Government Management need not be difficult or intimidating. In fact, the majority of GovPilot's clients onboard within 45 days. To meet the realities of our digital age, and the expectations of constituents, Modern Government Management is critical if local governments across the United States are to remain productive, reliable, and secure.

The GovPilot team is proud to have worked directly with government users, incorporating their insight and feedback, to purpose build more than 125 individual modules within a unified platform, specifically designed to enable local government to operate at full potential. Governments can opt to select a few modules and scale over time, or have full access at once. 

From Atlantic City and Trenton, NJ, to Raleigh, NC, Columbine, CO and Hermiston, OR, to Bergen County, NJ and Macon-Bibb County, GA, GovPilot has partnered with local governments small and large to help them implement a unified Modern Government Management system fitting of our digital age.

We would be thrilled to answer your questions and address any concerns specific to your local government’s needs and budget. Additionally, GovPilot offers cybersecurity advisory services to increase the overall security posture of local governments nationwide. Please reach out directly at any time or schedule a 15-minute consultation to speak with us.

Make 2020 the year of Modern Government Management.

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