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3 Qualities the Best Cities to Live in Share

By Alannah Dragonetti

On Monday, Money magazine published its annual list of the “50 Best Places to Live in America”. It is an honor, but not a surprise, that a list ranking American cities that provide residents with the best quality of life includes three GovPilot clients: number 26, Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey, number 33, Chapel Hill, North Carolina and Union Township, New Jersey, which comes-in at number 43. (Congratulations to all!)

As indicated by their adoption of GovPilot, these cities value efficiency and embrace progress, but “quality of life” is a broad term. Learn the three qualities that make the Money 50 some of the best places in the world to live. More importantly, learn how to assume them.


1. A Premium on Public Schools


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Dwindling religious attendance and sky high tuitions mean more American parents are enrolling their children in their local public school. Indeed, the quality of the public school system is a major factor that families with children consider before a move. Even childless homeowners may want to ensure that their tax money is going toward a worthwhile cause. It is easy to see why cities that prioritize education top Money’s list.

Indeed, Money’s number one Best Place to Live is Frisco, Texas. Just north of Dallas, Frisco Independent School District boasts over 70 campuses and the highest graduation rate of all of the school districts Money evaluated. Like many Frisco institutions, its outstanding schools are the product of a city focus on public-private partnerships—arrangements that bring high-level sports, art and technology to students.

2. An Emphasis on Constituent Engagement


The number two city on Money’s list serves as a prime example of the power of constituent engagement.

From bicycle paths to parks, many of Ashburn, Virginia’s biggest draws began as suggestions from residents. Ashburn is the most obvious beneficiary of “Envision Loudoun”, Loudoun County, Virginia’s 18 month quest to discover and enact the changes residents would most like to see over the next two decades.

3. An Abundance of Attractions and Activities


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Entertainment joins education and engagement to complete the trifecta of best city qualities.

Whether it is a brewey or a cultural celebration, it seems each city on Money’s list  offers plenty of local attractions and activities. It’s clear that the best places are the ones that residents see no reason to leave.

Join Their Ranks

The cities featured on Money’s latest list are beneffitting from the best kind of publicity, no pun intended. Districts looking to join their ranks can take comfort in knowing that the three qualities Money considers are simple to take on with an assist from GovPilot.

GovPilot digital forms live on the client’s official website, available for residents looking to apply for a permit/license or report a concern, to complete and submit, at any hour, from any location. Once submitted, the constituent receives an email confirmation—the first of many steps in an automated workflow that keeps processing as transparent as possible.

Digital forms and automated workflows not only promote constituent engagement, but ensure that business registrations, parade/flag raising applications and other requests for activities and attractions are processed in a timely fashion.

GovPilot empowers officials to engage with constituents via digital forms, automated workflows as well as through its easy-to-read geographic information system (GIS) map. Published on the client website, the map serves as a font of information for citizens curious about the progress of Department of Public Works projects, the locations of community resources and other aspects of civic life.

Last, but not least, GovPilot’s unique pricing structure saves clients money that can be allocated to benefit the local public school district. All 100 plus modules are built with the flexibility to serve as a standalone solution or as the foundation for further innovation. Items on GovPilot’s extensive catalog are priced a la carte, allowing cities to purchase automated versions of the exact operations they need and none that they don’t.


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This year’s list of the “50 Best Places to Live in America” gives civic-minded GovPilot clients much-deserved recognition and the rest of the nation something to strive for. With a platform that offers tools that help government expedite, engage and save, don’t be surprised if more GovPilot clients make Money’s list in 2019. After all, it isn’t lonely at the top with GovPilot.

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