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Tabernacle Embraces Tech

By Alannah Dragonetti

The New Jersey township makes it through the wilderness and enters the 21st century with three automated processes.



Long before it served as the epitome of idyllic small-town life in southern New Jersey, Tabernacle, was the site of a log church called, “Tabernacle in the Wilderness”. One hundred plus years have brought many technological changes to Tabernacle and GovPilot is proud to play a role in three of the most exciting.


The Hoboken, NJ-based government software startup has helped Tabernacle through the wilderness and into the 21st century by digitizing forms and automating processes, including:



Dog License Issuance


Tabernacle’s dog owners go for a lot of walks. The township’s new digital dog license registration form saves them a stroll to city hall.


At any time, on any device, dog owners can visit the “Documents and Forms” portion of Tabernacle’s municipal website and find an online license application. A few clicks and Fido’s information is routed to the appropriate official for swift and efficient processing, complete with status updates.


Business Registration


Tabernacle’s new tech benefits the township’s residents and business owners alike.


Aspiring entrepreneurs can now register their business using the same GovPilot digital form technology that makes dog registration a breeze.


Open Records Request Compliance


Many clients adopt GovPilot with the goal of bringing operations up to today’s standard of transparency and Tabernacle is no exception.


The township has revamped its Open Records Request process to ensure that inquiring minds receive the answers they seek in record time.


From simple beginnings to streamlined government operations, Tabernacle is making great strides with GovPilot’s help.

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