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The Township of North Bergen Deploys Government Management Software Across Departments With GovPilot

By GovPilot

The New Jersey Township selects GovPilot as provider of cloud-based government management software to streamline operations and constituent services.

NORTH BERGEN; October, 23 2023 - The township of North Bergen, NJ has implemented government management software and technology solutions into their municipal offices for assistance in streamlining government operations, improving municipal services for community-members, automating outdated paper-based processes, and securely managing vital data through storage in the government cloud. In collaboration with GovPilot, a government management software provider based in New Jersey, this municipality of Hudson County, established a partnership that will allow citizens easier access to digital applications and permits, improved communications with government leaders, and options to submit and track government forms in a fully online capacity.

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North Bergen government officials have partnered with GovPilot to establish modern technology solutions that digitize time-wasting government processes within the local government, with more innovative GovPilot modules to be rolled out soon. This partnership aims to provide both citizens and government officials simplified access to data and public forms in order to save valuable time and government resources. 

The 61,627 residents of North Bergen will also soon be given the opportunity to utilize this government software for their own personal benefits as well. Among the software solutions and improvements being deployed by North Bergen in the coming days is the Health Licensing module and Retail Food Establishment Licensing module. Both modules automate once outdated, paper-based application processes for applicants in either category. 

North Bergen’s new Health Licensing software will allow applicants to apply for or renew online for multiple licenses, such as tanning salons, spas, tattoo parlors and nail salons. Once their application has been submitted, the health department can do the appropriate review, fee calculating and notifications regarding their license. 

The process of Retail Food Establishment Licensing in North Bergen will also be significantly simplified for government workers and applicants with GovPilot’s software solutions. With this software, applicants can apply or renew online for a retail food establishment license quickly and efficiently. Once the application is processed the issuing department can do the appropriate review, fee calculating and notification delivery to keep applicants up to date on the status of their license. 

North Bergen is also deploying Retail Food Establishment Inspection software. This software has the capability to create the state inspection checklists that every municipality is required to use in an easy to read digital rendering, which can also be used by municipal inspectors out in the field. 

Alongside the licensing models soon being deployed in North Bergen are digital permitting solutions from GovPilot: Recreational Bathing/Pool Permits, Mobile Food Permits and Kennel, Pet Shops, Shelter Permits. All of these permit applications will allow applicants to apply for or renew for their license online with automatic submission to the appropriate department. Next, without the need for paper-based documentation, review, fee calculating and applicant notifying will be completed digitally in a secure government cloud system.

North Bergen’s continued partnership with GovPilot leads to the upcoming deployment of various other government software solutions including Report-a-Concern software, Construction Permits, and Certificate of Continued Occupancy Permits (CCO). All of these solutions will soon be available for constituent use in North Bergen in the upcoming months. 

Soon, North Bergen’s residents will be able to utilize this Report-A-Concern directly on their smartphones to conveniently report any complaints, issues, or concerns about their community to the local government in the time it takes to send a text. Problems such as potholes, damaged infrastructure, traffic congestion and more can be reported effortlessly while citizens provide details for government workers and even attach photos for greater clarity. 

Construction Permits and Certificate of Continued Occupancy Permits will create simplified permitting workflows for constituents and issuing government workers to ensure permitting is completed accurately and in a timely manner. These permitting solutions from GovPilot are more reliable than old, paper-based permitting workflows that took weeks or months to issue permits. 

Michael Bonner, GovPilot CEO was quoted saying, “By utilizing government software across departments, North Bergen is making government workflows more efficient and improving citizen services with more convenient digital options for permits and more.” 

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