Kudos to GovPilot’s Customer Service Team

By Alannah Dragonetti

We, at GovPilot, urge our readers in local government to explore today’s wealth of technological tools because we know firsthand how transformative they can be.For example, we recently adopted customer service software, Zendesk.


As many of the client testimonials splashed across our homepage attest, GovPilot software is easy to use. Even with a learning curve as low as GovPilot’s, questions arise. We do our best to clarify during training sessions and Customer Support phone calls, but in our continuous quest for efficiency, we decided to give Zendesk a try. Our Support team likes the Zendesk ticketing system and so do our customers. Just look at these glowing reviews!:


GovPilot government software


Kudos to our five star Customer Service team and kudos to our curious and complimentary clients!


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