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Survey Says, GovPilot Responds Part 1: A 1-Stop Solution that Benefits City/County Managers in 4 Key Ways

By Alannah Dragonetti

The input of subject matter experts provides GovPilot with a sense of direction on our continuing quest for improvement. In September, we questioned hundreds of city and county managers across the United States on their pain points, practices and processes.

We chose to survey this demographic because, as the job title implies, city and county managers are responsible for performing, directing and overseeing all facets of local government.

Despite their busy schedules, the city and county managers we contacted were very forthcoming. Their responses inspired our four-part series, “Survey Says, GovPilot Responds”. Each installment dissects an insightful finding. The first installment delves into the surplus of software that impedes daily operations for so many local government administrations.




Survey Says:

50% of local government administrations rely on 10 or more different software applications to perform day-to-day functions.

GovPilot Responds:

Whoever said “the more, the merrier” certainly wasn’t referring to single-purpose software applications. Each single-purpose software application streamlines a process, but when 10 or more are used in unison, they actually hinder productivity.

Say the Clerks’ department processes leaf removal registration on one platform. Public Works uses a different application to schedule removals. The clerk receives a call from a resident who is angry that their leaf pile has been overlooked. The clerks blame the DPW for poor scheduling. The DPW accuses the clerks of failure to communicate.The city manager tries to resolve Clerks’ vs. Public Works, but can’t because he doesn’t have access to either departments’ software.

City and county managers have seen how a surplus of software can create countless issues between local government departments and the constituents they serve. A multi-purpose platform, such as GovPilot, offers city and county managers countless benefits. We outline four below:


1. Unified Departments


Separate software separates departments, siloing data so that it is difficult for city/county managers, colleagues and constituents alike to find the information they’re looking for.



GovPilot stores all departmental data in one cloud-based server, where it can be accessed by those with role-based permission. Unified departments face the public as a united front, working together to hear their concerns, answer their questions and encourage ongoing engagement.


2. Clear Communication

Department unification goes hand in hand with clear communication.

GovPilot’s automated workflows wind between departments, through clients’ existing chain of command and order of operations. Automated communication ensures that employees receive task assignments and constituents receive updates on the status of applications for permits, licenses and government services.



Sneak preview of GovPilot's Jet Mode dashboard, coming soon.


City and county managers enjoy a bird’s eye view of all department processes and employee productivity. The 2018 debut of GovPilot’s Jet Mode promises to make the view even better for management.


3. Increased Productivity


When everyone is on the same page, they can accomplish so much more. GovPilot works overtime to get them there.

Our 5-star Customer Support staff guides government employees through the onboarding phase and beyond, if needed. However, most find GovPilot’s user-friendly interface easy to grasp.

A low learning curve means minimal downtime and more time enjoying features that increase productivity. Automated communication cuts instances of redundant conversation and mobile capabilities eliminate the need for redundant data entry. GovPilot is accessible from the field via tablet or smartphone. Data entered in the field instantly syncs with historical data in GovPilot’s central server for those back at city hall to review.


4. Cost Savings


GovPilot doesn’t require city/county managers to expand their IT department, purchase software repairs or otherwise expend the exorbitant costs often associated with the multitude of single-purpose software applications it replaces. Combine money saved with the increased return on investment (ROI) and revenue generation opportunities an uptick in productivity brings and GovPilot may just be the most affordable software on the market.

Pricing is based on clients’ parcel count and processes purchased. Though we offer discounts on bundles, such as the Map and App Starter Package, all processes integrate with one another, so you can expand as you see fit.



When it comes to city and county management software, less is more.

As the first installment of “Survey Says, GovPilot Responds” draws to a close, we would like to thank the city and county managers who provided the invaluable insight that inspired this series.

See it all for Yourself at ICMA 2017



We look forward to mixing and mingling with members of this key local government segment at the International City/County Managers Association (ICMA)’s annual conference, October 22nd through the 24th, at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. Stop by booth #216 for a free demonstration of GovPilot’s aforementioned and additional capabilities. Hope to see you there!

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