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Haledon, NJ Helps Residents Accomplish More in Less Time

By Alannah Dragonetti


The New Jersey borough partners with GovPilot to uphold Mayor Stampone’s commitment to making Haledon “a great place to live, work and raise a family.”


In the 20th century, Haledon went to great lengths to support workers and the borough remains dedicated to moving forward. Haledon officials recently partnered with GovPilot to remove some of the work from 21st century residents’ day-to-day.


Landlord Registration


Rent collection. Property damage. It isn’t easy being a landlord, but for those up for the challenge and ready to capitalize on the rental boom, Haledon makes it easier than ever to become one!


A digital Landlord Registration form can be found on Haledon’s official website. The form can be accessed 24/7 from a multitude of devices and boasts pre-populated data and other features that streamline the landlord registration process. Hit “submit” and the form is routed to the appropriate Haledon employee for swift and efficient review. Email alerts keep applicants in the loop every step of the way! After all, the faster the registration process, the sooner Haledon’s landlords are able to welcome tenants.


Open Records Request


Those in search of government data can access a GovPilot digital Open Records Request form through Haledon’s official website.


As with Landlord Registration, the form can be completed at any time of day, from any device—desktop, laptop, or tablet. Automation carries the request through the establshed order of operations in record time. Complete with email alerts, Haledon’s automated Open Records Request fulfillment process offers full transparency.


Report a Concern


Concerned about a pothole, missing street sign, or other non-emergency? Let the appropriate Haledon official know through a digital Report a Concern form submission.


Disclose the location, nature—even upload pictures of the issue—hit “Submit” and rest assured that the problem will be resolved in a timely manner.


Haledon residents can register, request and report at any time, from any location. No printing, scanning, or calling required.



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