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Elizabeth, New Jersey Deploys GovPilot Government Management Software Across Departments

By GovPilot

The New Jersey City selects GovPilot as provider of cloud-based government management software to streamline operations and constituent services.

ELIZABETH, NJ: September 14, 2023 -  Elizabeth has implemented government management software into their municipal offices in order to improve constituent services, automate outdated-manual processes, manage and store data in the government cloud, and streamline government workflows. In collaboration with GovPilot, a government management software provider based in New Jersey, this municipality of Union County, established a partnership that will allow citizens easier access to public records, communications with government leaders, and options to submit and track government forms online.

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Elizabeth’s government officials have partnered with GovPilot with an aim to establish innovative and modern technology solutions that digitize time-consuming government processes within the local government. This partnership aims to provide both citizens and government officials simplified access to data and information to save valuable time and resources. 

Among the software solutions and improvements deployed by Elizabeth in recent months is the Report-A-Concern government software. The 134,283 residents of Elizabeth have been given the opportunities to utilize this government software for their own personal benefits as well as they can now report non-emergency concerns directly to their government officials via an online mobile application. 

Citizen concern reporting software allows constituents to report concerns to their government 24/7 to address issues such as potholes, safety concerns, flash flooding, and damaged infrastructure in need of repairs. The complaint is then automatically filed and routed to the relevant government department to be addressed.

Construction software was also deployed in this NJ city to streamline construction management, projects, and general workflows for Elizabeth's government. This unified cloud-based platform simplified construction processes from contractor registration to demolition, roofing and electrical permits while the software automatically schedules fee collection and inspections to ensure that operations building and construction projects remain on schedule.

Various Health Department solutions have also been deployed in Elizabeth to keep the community safe and protected through automation and digital inspection processes. Among other health department modules, Elizabeth recently launched their Dog Licensing software which makes it possible for pet owners to easily apply for and renew their annual licenses while the issuing department keeps track of renewal statuses automatically. The pet registrations are sorted into a database for animal control officers containing contact information for owners. 

Another recently deployed module in Elizabeth, Vacant Property Management software will make it easier for local governments to track vacant properties in their area, and analyze comprehensive digital files including GIS visualization to ensure that no unoccupied property property hazard goes unnoticed. Special Event applications have also been digitized and made available online through the government website to ensure that Elizabeth residents can conveniently apply online for permits to plan special community events in public locations. 

Various licensing processes in the municipality have recently been streamlined with GovPilot’s software solutions to be more convenient and simple for the citizens of Elizabeth to access. A couple of the notable licensing processes that have been automated in Elizabeth are Massage Parlor Licensing and Limo Driver Licensing. The automation of Massage Parlor Licensing allows Elizabeth residents to apply for or renew a massage parlor license online. Once submitted, the department can do the appropriate review and fee calculating. Similarly, Limo Driver Licensing becoming digitized with software solutions has made it possible for limousine/taxi owners to easily apply for and renew their annual licenses online while the issuing government department can keep track of renewal statuses and approvals.

In the near future, Elizabeth is also deploying GovPilot’s Cannabis Business Licensing software to allow profits of this growing industry to spread throughout the municipality. With this Cannabis Business Licensing online software businesses will be able to easily apply for and renew their cannabis licenses while the issuing department can keep track of renewal status and forward the paperwork to the issuing department.

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