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Atlantic Highlands, NJ Reaches New Heights

By Alannah Dragonetti

With grand Victorian era homes perched atop its hills and Manhattan’s glittering skyline reflected in its bay, the Borough of Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey is a visual feast, offering something for every aesthetic.




Life in Atlantic Highlands is as beautiful as it looks, especially now that residents have ‘round the clock access to optimized government services. The picturesque borough has adopted three GovPilot processes, bringing residents’ quality of life to a pinnacle that rivals its hilly terrain.



  1. Digital Report a Concern Form


Even a borough as idyllic as Atlantic Highlands has its occasional issue. Local government encourages concerned residents to report missing street signs, troublesome trees and other non-emergencies through GovPilot’s digital Report a Concern form.


Accessed via a button on the left side of the homepage of Atlantic Highlands’ official website, the digital Report a Concern form prompts residents to disclose details regarding the location and nature of their issue.


Once submitted, GovPilot automation routes the concern report to the department responsible for issue resolution—business hours or not. The concern report is treated with this same level of immediacy and importance until the issue is rectified.


  1. GovAlert Mobile App


What’s faster than GovPilot’s digital Report a Concern form? GovPilot’s Report a Concern mobile app.


Available for free download for both iOS and Android devices, the GovAlert app empowers Atlantic Highlands residents to report concerns to local government in the time it takes to send a text message. GovAlert’s user-friendly wizard format directs users to snap a pic of their issue, caption it and hit, “Submit”.


Upon receipt, automated alerts confirm that the concern is being considered, addressed and, ultimately, resolved.


  1. GIS Map


Atlantic Highlands residents have a new view to enjoy: that of their borough depicted on GovPilot’s cutting-edge geographic information system (GIS) map.


The map’s color-coded layers display traffic information, zoning regulations and a slew of other data sets that answer any questions residents may have about different aspects of civic life. Adjustable and accurate, map layers allow residents to see familiar territory from a fresh perspective.


It may top some of the tallest hills on the eastern seaboard, but Atlantic Highlands is still reaching for the stars. The borough is committed to addressing resident concerns, publicizing frequently requested information and otherwise bringing constituent engagement to the next level using GovPilot technology. The administration urges citizens to take full advantage of elevated government services.


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