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Amid COVID-19, Jackson Township, NJ Moves Government to the Cloud

By govpilot

PRESS RELEASE: Municipality with a population of 55,000 selects GovPilot as provider of cloud-based government management software across all departments and operations

Jackson Township, NJ., April 30 - As COVID-19 advances across the country, it is exposing the need for remote work capabilities for local governments. Officials from Jackson Township, New Jersey have elected to shift its departments and operational management to a cloud-based platform. The township of 55,000 people located in central New Jersey - east of the capital Trenton - has selected Hoboken, NJ based GovPilot as its provider of government management software.

“Now is the time to take on digital transformation and for our government and employees to transition to GovPilot’s cloud-based platform”, said Jackson’s Business Administrator, Terrence Wall. “Our employees need to be able to conduct business remotely, and our residents must be able to interact with their government digitally, by submitting forms, applications, requests, and concerns online.”

“Whether during a global pandemic, a natural disaster like we faced with Superstorm Sandy, or  other more common disruptions, our government needs to be able to continue to function efficiently and provide the services that our residents depend on. By moving our departments to the unified cloud-based platform that GovPilot provides, our employees will be able to work from any device or environment be it their office, or their living room, and our residents will be able to submit forms digitally from the comfort of their homes.” Added Mr. Wall.

Last year, Bloomberg highlighted the fact that many American cities are running on antiquated software from the 1980’s. Now according to Axios and GovTech, amid the COVID-19 outbreak, local government officials are scrambling to get employees set up remotely - if workers can’t come into the office. 

Officials from Jackson Township were initially drawn to the ten free software modules - including drive-thru test registration, FEMA expense tracking, and volunteer registration -  that GovPilot has made available to local governments nationwide to help them organize their efforts against COVID-19. 

“It quickly became apparent to us that GovPilot’s entire platform of 100+ modules will be essential to our operations during the current crisis, and will provide increased efficiency, productivity, and security to our operations long after we put COVID-19 behind us.” said Mr. Wall.

Michael Bonner, GovPilot’s founder and CEO added, “Our mission is to enable local governments to operate at their full potential. Now more than ever it is vital that local governments are able to operate efficiently while serving their residents without a lapse in services. Whether providing a public GIS map, digitizing obsolete paper processes, or unifying departments on one cloud-based platform - towns, cities, and counties across the country are recognizing the need to ensure business continuity by modernizing their government management systems. In that regard we are thrilled to be working with Jackson Township and applaud their leadership’s forward thinking, and their employees’ receptiveness to this initiative.”

Since early April, GovPilot has worked with Jackson Township employees to quickly onboard seventeen critical modules including a public facing GIS map with custom data layers and a digital Report-a-Concern feature, Public Open Records Requests, Construction Permitting, and Receipting and Expense Tracking which among other things will be utilized by Jackson to track COVID-19 related expenditures for FEMA reimbursement. 

Additional modules will be implemented over the coming weeks.

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