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A Recap of GovPilot’s Month, if We May

By Alannah Dragonetti

GovPilot’s month proves that “April showers bring May flowers.” In April, we were showered with opportunities and this month, we watched them grow—making multiple newsletters and welcoming a new client.  

Presenting, if we may, a recap of another wonderful month for GovPilot:



We Made the NJMCA’s Newsletter


The New Jersey Mosquito Control Association shares our commitment to protecting constituents from vector-borne illness, so we were honored to find our story featured in the association’s May 2017 newsletter. See page 16 for GovPilot’s piece on the link between Zika and property blight. 


We Made NJAC’s Newsletter                                                                   


We explore the history and benefits of an increasingly popular solution to property blight in our story, “Growth: the Roots and Reach of the Community Garden”. Find it on pages 13 and 14 in the May 2017 edition of NJ Association of Counties’ NJAC County Biz.


Montvale Borough Signed-On


One look at Montvale Borough, NJ’s official website and it’s clear that the community cares about its residents. The site is a font of information regarding community events, government services and other aspects of civic life. The borough plans to take government transparency and constituent convenience even further. Montvale is the most recent addition to GovPilot’s client list. We look forward to working with Montvale officials.

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