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3 Reasons to Get SaaSSy

By Alannah Dragonetti

Sass. In some situations, it’s called for ( sometimes snapping your fingers in a “Z” formation is an act of self-defense) and other times, it’s ill-advised (an argument with your mom). We don’t feel comfortable directing you on when to get sassy. GovPilot is, however, well-equipped to offer advice on when to get SaaSsy, as in, “software as a service”.


GovPilot government software

In some instances, snapping your fingers in a "Z" formation is considered an act of self-defense.


Our government management platform is a subscription-based,cloud-hosted set of applications, a textbook SaaS. Companies across all industries are increasingly opting for SaaS style arrangements over on-premise software. After reading the following SaaS benefits, you’ll understand why.


3 Reasons to Get SaaSsy

The SaaS model is:


1. Convenient


Regardless of which process you choose, GovPilot’s digital forms and automated workflows take care of data collection, organization, payment processing, task scheduling and communication, so you don’t have to. Another thing you don’t have to do? Maintenance.


GovPilot government software

GovPilot takes care of everyday tasks and even system maintenance, so you don't have to!


Under the SaaS model, the vendor is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the software, in compliance with established performance and security standards. Off-site, vendor performed maintenance means that your IT Manager has more time to tend to other concerns.


2. Cost-Effective


Adopting a SaaS, like GovPilot, will save you time and also save you money.

As the findings of a Forrester research study of SaaS vendors and users indicate, the SaaS prototype offers both short-term and long-term financial benefits. Innovative and typically working within a limited budget, SaaS developers are more likely than tech titans to model user interface after mainstream applications. Therefore, firms that opt to implement a SaaS over a traditional software package enjoy significantly reduced testing and end user training-related costs.SaaS developers are also typically open to customization, allowing clients to pay only for necesary features. Aforementioned vendor-performed upgrades are covered by subscription costs, contributing to savings with both instant and long-term implications.


3. Sustainable


Naturally, SaaS users wish to carry on unburdened by time and budget restraints. They are happy to learn that the SaaS model is also sustainable.


GovPilot government software

Keep going with GovPilot.


Indeed, SaaS developers’ willingness to tinker with and tailor their product to fit changing needs contributes to a long and valuable partnership. This is especially true of GovPilot. Our SaaS scales to keep-up with clients’ growth. Our team is forever adding users, adjusting permissions settings and attaching more processes, at customers’ request.


Mark Rhyman, CEO of business consulting firm, Big Bang ERP, expresses it best, “You have an obligation to commit to the best, most secure, valuable and accessible tools that allow your team to focus on doing their actual jobs (not wasting time with admin tasks). The “better investment”, without a doubt, is cloud computing over on-premise infrastructures.” Contact us for more about why it’s time to get SaaSsy.


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