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Department-Specific Productivity

GovPilot consists of numerous department-specific modules that drive day-to-day employee productivity. These modules are built to accomodate the functions of the department in question while streamlining processes and workflow.

The user-friendly interfaces can be customized to fit the specific needs of individual users, departments and governments. While role and permission-based access is determined by the GovPilot account administrator, the data collected in the modules can be shared with specific users and departments.


All Departments. One Platform.

GovPilot solves issues of departmental fragmentation by consolidating your departments and data infrastructure onto one, cloud-powered platform.

Information from applications and forms submitted by the public and your employees through GovPilot’s department-specific modules are combined with pre-loaded assessment records.

This aggregation of data from multiple sources forms your government’s robust knowledge base. Access and management of this information span departments, removing the data and communication bottlenecks that often prevent employees from performing simple tasks.

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