The GovInspect App, when paired with GovPilot's platform, enables on-site inspections and real-time, cloud-based record keeping directly from mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.


Utilize GovInspect for all building and construction related inspections - CCO Rental/Sale Inspections, and Code Enforcement Inspections, as well as the issuance of Violation Citations, and Work Orders. 


Available on iOS and Android mobile devices.









Manage inspection assignments with automatic alerts and a custom dashboard configuration. Access records and make updates directly from your calendar. Group users by department or project to keep everyone on the same page.


Utilize the Inspection App to assign, track, and complete inspections across relevant departments such as Building and Construction, Code Enforcement, and Planning and Zoning. Records are updated in real-time at the parcel level via GovPilot's GIS Map and Property Profile.


With a simple one-click navigation feature, inspectors are provided instructions to get to their next assignment, eliminating the need to return to the office.


Do away with paper forms and the need to update records back at the office. GovInspect modernizes and streamlines the community development process for officials and residents alike.






Once on site, the GovInspect App puts GovPilot’s popular Property Profile at the inspector’s fingertips. Search any address or tap the house icon to display all associated historical records associated with that parcel from across your government.


The GovInspect App also provides flexibility to report new code violations discovered while in the field as well as schedule future inspections from across relevant GovPilot modules.


Note* - The GovInspect app only functions in tandem with the GovPilot platform. This is not a stand-alone app. 


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The GovInspect Mobile App Provides:

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Streamlined Services

Cloud-based digital inspection forms enable inspectors to work quickly and efficiently, eliminating paperwork and travel to and from the office. 

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Accurate Reports

Inspection reports are generated in a digital form formatted to a local government's standards, and utilize drop down lists and typed comments. 

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GovPilot Compatibility 

Inspection reports are saved in real-time and become instantly searchable by any employee or department with access to the GovPilot platform.