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By Alannah Dragonetti

Westfield, NJ, 7/8/16 – The Town of Westfield strives to utilize developing technologies to advance the delivery of municipal services to its residents and visitors.  The Town has taken a significant step forward in this ongoing endeavor by implementing GovPilot, a government management platform developed by a former resident.

Westfield’s municipal website now includes a wide array of GovPilot’s digital application and renewal forms. Although in its preliminary stage of implementation, the aim is to enable Westfield residents to complete many required applications, such as dog and cat licenses, online 24/7, thus saving them from a trip to town hall or the post office.  Upon a form’s submission, in addition to the convenience offered to the taxpayer, automated workflows and alerts facilitate internal and external communication for streamlined and transparent processing.

Westfield’s municipal website also hosts GovPilot’s geographic information system (GIS) map. In its standard form, GovPilot’s GIS map feature illustrates layers of tax assessment data aggregated from state and county records over a Google base map. Westfield has opted to customize its map with layers that display the town’s census findings as well as the locations of public transportation depots, parking areas, historic sites, landmark structures and similarly critical municipal data. The GIS map is a reliable source of information for Westfield residents in about all aspects of civic life.

GovPilot’s customizable government management software suite is the brainchild of Michael Bonner. Bonner, who spent his formative years in Westfield, enjoyed more than 20 years of success in the real estate industry before founding GovPilot in 2015. As a realtor and property manager, Bonner gained firsthand knowledge of each community’s trends as well as the roles and operations of its government’s departments. He developed GovPilot to grant government and constituents alike this same insight along with the tools to leverage it.

Bonner shares that he is, “happy to see that the town I grew-up in has adopted GovPilot software.”

It seems that the happiness is mutual. According to Town Administrator James Gildea, “though we are in the early stages of implementation, we have already experienced numerous occasions where it provided residents with useful information, reduced the number of steps in processing, and saved staff time so they could respond more quickly. We are looking forward to working with GovPilot in realizing the software platform’s full potential and delivering the best possible and most convenient service to our residents.”

Those interested in learning more about GovPilot can schedule a demonstration of the feature’s capabilities through GovPilot’s website.

 About GovPilot

GovPilot is a web-based Management Platform developed exclusively for local government. GovPilot optimizes workflow and revenue streams by replacing antiquated paper processes with digital automation. GovPilot unifies fragmented data and facilitates communication between employees and departments to promote informed decision-making. The platform offers 100+ templated processes, which can be used “off the shelf” or modified to fit a department’s specifications. GovPilot grants unlimited users the ability to manage and share data 24/7, from the office, the field, or the comfort of home.

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