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Want Praise on Yelp? 3 Ways GovPilot can Help!

By Alannah Dragonetti

From beating Domino’s to the pothole filling punch to reversing property blight, local government has a lot of things to worry about. Did you know that a bad Yelp! review is one of them?

That’s rightit isn’t only restaurant owners who are subject to public scrutiny. Yelp! users review cities from New York (“Awesome city, but too many rats!”, says Sal F.) to New Orleans (“The city that has something for everyone!”, according to Yelper, Annie H.), givng or removing stars for everything from local politics to nightlife.

GovPilot knows a thing or two about garnering rave reviews, so trust us when we say that our platform can help you secure those five stars by improving the following three areas.


3 Ways GovPilot can Help Your City Inspire 5 Star Yelp! Reviews

GovPilot government software:


1. Encourages Economic Development


GovPilot government software


You’ve seen it happen: a new apartment complex or coffee shop springs-up in an economically depressed area and the district takes on a whole new vibe. The world takes notice and suddenly transplants are paying top dollar to live, work and play in a place they would normally just pass through. Make it happen for you.

GovPilot digitizes and automates 100+ common local government processes, making it easy for entrepreneurs to obtain a zoning permit, a license to open an outdoor cafe, etc... and quickly bring some much-needed revenue and poitive press to cash-strapped cities.


2. Makes Finding a Parking Space Possible


GovPilot government software


GovPilot can help your city become a destination, minus the parking frustration that usually accompanies a night out in a lively entertainment district.

Our parking-related processes streamline the rental of meters and the reservation of spaces. Maximum revenue for you; minimal hassle for tourists and residents. Best of all, applicant data can be easily tracked, analyzed and applied. It is stored in GovPilot’s secure, cloud-based server, where it’s accessible 24/7 to all relevant employees.


3. Helps You Address Complaints in a Timely Manner


GovPilot government software

Let’s face it—people are much more inclined to write a scathing review than a flattering testimonial. GovPilot helps you field, address and resolve residents’ issues in private before they balloon into public grievances.

How? GovPilot’s Report a Concern process features a digital form that resides on your district’s official website. At any hour, residents can complete the form, upload attachments, hit “submit” and trust that their detailed concern report has reached the approporiate official in real time. Those on-the-go can opt to report concerns through our GovAlert mobile app. In either case, automated status updates keep complainants abreast of key steps on the road to resolution, which is significantly shorter, thanks to a custom automated workflow that keeps internal operations just as convenient and transparent.

Yelpers are judging your city. Make sure it’s favorably. Click the button below to book a free consultation to determine how your district can grow economically, optimize parking-related processes, nip resident issues in the bud and blossom into a 5-star city!

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