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Survey Says, GovPilot Responds Part 2: 3 GovPilot Tools to Satisfy Your Need for Speed

By Alannah Dragonetti

The input of subject matter experts provides GovPilot with a sense of direction on our continuing quest for improvement. In September, we questioned hundreds of city and county managers across the United States on their pain points, practices and processes.

We chose to survey this demographic because, as the job title implies, city and county managers are responsible for performing, directing and overseeing all facets of local government.

Despite their busy schedules, the city and county managers we contacted were very forthcoming. Their responses inspired our four-part series, “Survey Says, GovPilot Responds”. Each installment dissects an insightful finding. The second in our series explains the importance of a swift reply.


Survey Says:

35% of city/county managers typically take over half an hour to retrieve the answer to a property or data-related question posed by their mayor or council.

GovPilot Answers:

Instant messaging. High-speed Internet. Accelerated mobile pages. In our fast-paced world, 30 minutes is a long time to wait for an answer, especially to a mayor, who has hands to shake and babies to kiss. Don’t keep your boss waiting! Expedite the answer retrieval process with GovPilot.



GovPilot stores all civic data and property-related records in a secure, cloud-based server. Three key features make information quick to access and easy to read.


1. Role-Based Permission


Unlike single-purpose competitors, GovPilot offers something for every local government department. Onboard personnel according to your needs and budget and grant the mayor, council members and other government officials swift, simple 24/7 access to data collected by any and all departments.


2. Mobile Optimization



Server data can be accessed and updated by anyone, from anywhere! GovPilot offers mobile compatibility. Property inspection notes entered in the field via tablet sync seamlessly with the server’s existing data. View information old and new on your laptop, smartphone or desktop. GovPilot never leaves users wondering.


3. GIS Map


Our geographic information system (GIS) map further removes any mystery. Custom layers and advanced search capabilities illustrate property data and similarly critical civic information with color-coded clarity.



Easy to retrieve and easy to digest, GovPilot brings information beyond answers to deep, actionable insights.

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