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Summer Fridays

By Sandra Lyna


We are well into the dog days of summer and the livin' is easy for local government employees subject to Summer Fridays. Between Memorial and Labor Day, the last day of the work week is either a half day or a day off. Either way, these lucky employees are off to a long and relaxing weekend!


Other government employees in their administration are not so fortunate. Whether they work in a different department or simply lack the seniority they need to qualify, these employees do not have the privilege of Summer Fridays. These employees must roll-up their sleeves and wear different hats while their colleagues are out having fun in the sun. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it and GovPilot can make it easier.



 Working for the weekend? GovPilot's cloud-based server promises to make Summer Fridays more productive.

 No More Friday Freak-Outs!


GovPilot stores data submitted through public-facing digital forms, entered into tablets in the field and uploaded as part of historical records in a secure, cloud-based server. Information links to associated parcels to build a comprehensive database, accessible at all times, from virtually any device. 


With GovPilot's database at their fingertips, employees working for the weekend can see where their colleagues left-off before clocking-out. Communication is clarified, confusion is minimized and projects are completed in record time.


GovPilot's cloud-based server allows local government to enjoy a Summer Friday policy without a lapse in productivity. 


It's hot, it's humid and it is technically a Summer Friday, so that is all of the productivity advice I'll be giving today.Have a great weekend, everyone!


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