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A New Year Brings New and Improved Government Operations to Moorestown

By Alannah Dragonetti

MOORESTOWN, NJ, January 2017– In 2005, Money magazine surveyed over one thousand small towns to find the 100 best places to live in the United States. With its strong sense of community, stellar school system and close proximity to Philadelphia, Moorestown, NJ topped Money’s list. Twelve years later, Moorestown remains the model suburb, a distinction exemplified by the township’s recent adoption of GovPilot’s government management platform.

The municipality’s migration from traditional operations to GovPilot’s eponymous platform indicates a desire to keep the community tight-knit and well-educated. For starters, the township’s official website publicizes Moorestown’s infrastructure and resources on GovPilot’s geographic information system (GIS) map. Easy to navigate and always accessible, the map provides clear and accurate answers to Moorestown residents’ most common questions.

The site further facilitates the free flow of information by boasting GovPilot’s digital forms. An online application enables residents to file 200 ft. search requests with Moorestown’s Zoning Department from the comfort of home, which conveniences constituents and government in equal measure.

As Department Head, Peter Clifford, explains, “Our whole reason for adopting GovPilot is to better serve constituents. Day or night, GovPilot allows them to apply online and find-out basic information about their properties. This makes their life and my life easier.”

The site also features GovPilot’s digital “Report a Concern” form, through which citizens can alert local government to non-emergencies. An automated backend ensures that issues reported are addressed swiftly, efficiently and transparently.

The new year promises new means of civic engagement for Moorestown. Officials are working with GovPilot to automate the Open Records Request and Vacant Property Registration processes.

With existing and upcoming automated processes working in tandem, GovPilot Vice President, James Delmonico predicts that, “Moorestown will exceed its productivity goals for 2017, all while encouraging an open and consistent dialogue with the constituency.”

Indeed, residents can look forward to more ways to connect with more efficient government in the coming months. In this way, Moorestown’s partnership with GovPilot is helping it live up to its name as well as its reputation as the nation’s best place to live.

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