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Hudson County Partners with GovPilot to Deliver Digital Services

By govpilot

PRESS RELEASE: The partnership aligns with the county's commitment to innovation and will streamline several departments.

HUDSON COUNTY, N.J., July 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hudson County, NJ and Hoboken, NJ-based, software developer, GovPilot, have announced a partnership to transform the way Hudson County’s Parks, Planning and Roads departments operate.

Assistant Planner, Francesca Giarratana, and other Hudson County officials worked with members of the GovPilot team to streamline the Roads Permitting, Parks and Planning Board Application processes through the use of automated workflows.

The decision to streamline operations aligns with County Executive, Tom DeGuise’s, commitment to leveraging the latest technology to ensure government efficiency and constituent satisfaction. In May, Hudson County surveyed residents on their level of and concern surrounding emergency preparedness via digital SurveyMonkey questionnaire as part of an ongoing Hazard Mitigation initiative.

"A partnership with Hudson County is a proud moment for us here at GovPilot," says Michael Bonner, GovPilot Founder and CEO. "With Hudson County being our home base, we have a vested interest in making life better for its residents and stakeholders. We look forward to a long partnership that drives innovation.”

Bonner and Hudson County officials anticipate a noticeable difference in the speed and efficiency with which the Parks, Planning and Roads departments complete projects.

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