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GovPilot Introduces Cloud-Based Mobile App for Building & Construction Inspections

By govpilot

GovInspect application digitizes and streamlines the inspection process for local governments

HOBOKEN, NJ, July 16, 2020GovPilot, a Hoboken, NJ provider of cloud-based government management software specifically for local governments, today launched the GovInspect app, available on iOS and Android. The application is designed to replace inefficient paper-based inspection processes and bring the efficiency of cloud-based software to the Construction and Code Enforcement Departments of local governments around the country. 

Property inspections are a critical service provided by local governments that enable authorities to identify violations and certify the safety of a building or proposed construction project. Traditionally, on-site inspectors have used a clipboard with paper forms which then must be filed away at the office for record keeping, and transposed to a digital spreadsheet taking up time and resources.

The GovInspect app solves these problems by enabling inspections and record keeping directly from mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. Inspectors will be able to use GovInspect for all construction related inspections - CCO Rental/Sale Inspections, and Code Enforcement Inspections, as well as the issuance of Violation Citations, and Work Orders. 

“We’ve designed this application with input from inspection officials from around the country, with a goal of greatly improving the inspection process and providing an ability for records to be instantly available to all departments across a local government”, said James Delmonico, GovPilot’s Chief Product Officer.  

Available on iOS and Android mobile devices, the GovInspect app has been designed to work for governments of all sizes - from small towns to large cities and counties. For instance, an inspector from a small town responsible for performing construction inspections, rental inspections, and writing property maintenance violations, will be able to utilize the app just as easily as an inspector at a large city tasked with performing only one of those functions within a sizable department.

GovPilot customers can now assign, track, and complete inspections. Records are updated in real-time at the parcel level via GovPilot's GIS Map and Property Profile. A simple one-click navigation feature provides inspectors instructions to their next assignment, eliminating the need to return to the office. Once on site, the GovInspect app puts GovPilot’s GIS and Property Profile at the inspector’s fingertips. Inspectors can search any address or tap an icon to display all associated historical records from across departments, and update them accordingly. 

“The GovPIlot team heard from customers that their inspectors had to return to the office to manually enter data, and to retrieve their next assignment. Their cross-departmental colleagues had to search through file cabinets for records which is incredibly time consuming and inefficient. GovInspect will bring inspections and record keeping for local governments of all sizes, into the digital age.” Added Delmonico.

The GovInspect app will join 120+ modules from GovPilot that have been designed to help local governments realize the increased efficiency, productivity, constituent experience, and revenue generation afforded through digital transformation. 

“Our mission is to enable local governments to operate at their full potential. We’re proud to continue to make innovative products available to local governments that have been designed with input directly from end users themselves. Around the country local governments are seeking to modernize their IT infrastructure, and GovPilot is providing the tools and support to make affordable, efficient digital transformation possible.” Said GovPilot Founder and CEO, Michael Bonner.

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