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Digital Transformation: Modernizing with GovPilot

By govpilot

Digital Transformation for local governments was gaining momentum even before the COVID-19 outbreak. Now, as local governments respond to the pandemic and the needs of their constituents, digital innovation is increasingly seen as a vital tool to provide business continuity, remote work, and improved efficiency moving forward. 

Cloud-based digital applications, and workflows can help local governments stabilize their communities during our new normal, and will enable them to thrive well beyond. With budget considerations, and constituent experience top of mind for local government leaders today, technology modernization and optimization has become a critical consideration. 

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While the decision to take on a digital transformation should not be taken lightly, GovPilot has made the onboarding and implementation process straightforward and stress free should you choose to work with us. Here’s how: 

1. Intuitive, Built with Input from Users

From its founding, GovPilot has built and iterated cloud-based product offerings from the ground up with input from real-world users. By listening to these end users and incorporating their insights and feedback, we’ve been able to create an intuitive, easy to learn platform. Government employees new to the GovPilot platform can learn quickly, confident in knowing that it was designed with them in mind. This helps keep training time down, and makes widespread adoption easier to achieve, resulting in increased efficiency and vastly improved constituent experience. 

In fact one clerk recently commented that it, “Only took a day to understand and get comfortable with GovPilot. It’s really easy and has been a relief since transitioning from paper processes.”

2. Gold Standard: Best Government Practices Templates

While digitization has been the name of the game for some time in the private sector, the public sector is playing catch up when it comes to digital transformation. For local government, implementation of digital processes must be done in a way that does not hinder employees’ ability to serve their communities while they are learning a new system. 

GovPilot, offers more than 125 digital processes, forms, and tools with best practices in mind. From OPRA / FOIA requests, to Building Permits and Code Enforcement, GovPilot’s modules represent the gold standard in digitized workflows, and are seamlessly integrated with one another for ease of use and optimal performance. 

Modules from GovPilot are proven effective, work out of the box, and can be deployed rapidly with minimal set up or customization. Recently, over the course of three weeks, GovPilot deployed seventeen critical modules with employees from Jackson Township, New Jersey, transitioning their paper process and legacy on site server-based system to the cloud.

3. Dedicated Onboarding Representatives

GovPilot’s experience in onboarding includes transitioning staff who can sometimes be reluctant to change and adoption of new technology. Our customer success representatives work hard to achieve immediate wins and create champions within your organization so that training and adoption comes naturally. Ultimately our aim is to complete module onboardings within 45 days.


In addition, GovPilot’s support team is highly responsive and available to troubleshoot any issues during normal business hours via phone, email, and live in-program text chat. 

4. No Hidden Fees or Extra Charges

There’s nothing more frustrating than signing a contract only to trigger an extra charge for a needed feature down the road like additional data storage or a seat license. With GovPilot, there are no surprises. Our pricing - based on just two factors 1) population size and 2) number of modules selected - is straightforward and transparent. We’ve factored features like unlimited seats, legacy data transfer, and training, into the price.

While digital transformation is certainly important, successful implementation is absolutely critical. We want you to make your decision with confidence.

Interested in learning more about digital transformation for your local government? Take the first step and schedule a 15-minute consultation. We’ll work to understand your needs and share our award-winning, cloud-based solutions with you.

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