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Cool for the Summer: 2 Ways GovPilot Benefits Beach Towns

By Alannah Dragonetti

It’s Memorial Day Weekendthe official start of summer. Beach towns across the country are firing-up ice cream machines, cleaning carousel horses and otherwise preparing for an influx of tourists.

Like summer itself, GovPilot’s government management platform is full of possibilities. Two GovPilot capabilities promise to bring order and efficiency to beach towns during this busy time.


1. Beach Pass Issuance

Before they can lounge by the shore, beachgoers must stand in line for a beach pass holding chairs, blankets and umbrellas, their bare feet on burning sand. This momentary discomfort is a small price to pay for a lifetime of happy beach memories, but why pay it when GovPilot exists?

GovPilot’s digital application form can be customized to fit a variety of purposes, including beach pass issuance. Beach bunnies simply hop on the official town website and apply for a daily, monthly or full summer beach pass via a GovPilot digital form.


beach entrance.jpg

GovPilot expedites beach pass issuance, so beachgoers don't have to wait long to have fun in the sun.


The wet, salty beach is no place to bring a leather wallet! Applicants can keep their wallet and cash crisp by entering their credit card information directly into the form. Applicant data is stored in GovPilot’s secure, web-based server, where it is reviewed by beach patrol for swift pass issuance.


2. Parking Permit Issuance

Streamlined beach pass issuance can create a complicated parking situation in beach towns. Don’t worry, GovPilot thought of that too!

Last year, New Providence, New Jersey  published GovPilot digital resident and non-resident parking permit application forms on its municipal website to organize parking at its two train stations.A mere three hours after the ecommerce capable forms debuted, New Providence had generated a whopping $85k and for a short time, ran out of resident parking permits.

Just as GovPilot’s parking permit issuance process helped New Providence generate revenue and organize its lots, it can bring much-needed order to beach towns in their busiest months.


beach parking 3.jpg

GovPilot's automated Parking Permit issuance process can bring much-needed order to beach towns in their busiest months.


During summer, tourists descend on beach towns to relax. With GovPilot’s automated beach and parking pass issuance processes, beach town officials can also enjoy a low stress summer.

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