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GovPilot is Pleased to Welcome our Newest Clients

By govpilot

GovPilot is excited to introduce seven new customers representing three states, and spanning population sizes from 1,800 to 66,000 citizens.

We are particularly proud to have the opportunity to expand our work with South Orange, NJ - one of GovPilot’s first five customers five years ago upon the company’s founding. Recently the town decided to extend their contract an additional five years and upgrade their plan from 30 modules to "Unlimited" which will make GovPilot’s full suite of products and services available to the town’s employees and constituents.

We are excited to begin working with our new customers to implement digitized, efficient processes and services across critical departments including Construction, Clerks, Zoning, and GIS Mapping among others. We look forward to sharing success stories in the coming months!

Welcome to GovPilot,

Archbald, PA - Population of 7,100

Hasbrouck Heights, NJ - Population of 12,000

Middletown, NJ - Population of 66,000

Oldman’s Township, NJ - Population of 1,800

Paramus, NJ - Population of 26,000

South Orange, NJ - Population 17,000

West Carrollton, OH - Population of 13,100

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