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By Alannah Dragonetti

Camden County, NJ, July 18, 2016 – Camden County is taking the threat of Zika seriously.

In response to the mosquito-borne pandemic, the county’s official website boasts a page featuring an insecticide spray schedule and mosquito prevention tips. This online public health resource has recently expanded to include a digital “Report a Mosquito Issue in Your Town” form, developed by Hoboken, NJ-based software company, GovPilot.

Built from a user-friendly template county officials selected from GovPilot’s extensive library, Camden County’s “Report a Mosquito Issue in Your Town” form asks complainants to disclose details of local mosquito infestation. The form can be accessed through the county's website at any time of day, via a mobile, desktop or laptop device.

Upon the form’s submission, Camden County’s Mosquito Commission is sent a notification and the complainant is sent an email confirming its receipt. This is the first step in an automated workflow that guarantees residents’ mosquito-related concerns are addressed swiftly, transparently and effectively.

GovPilot Vice President, James Delmonico, is, “very excited that Camden County has enlisted GovPilot to strengthen such an important initiative.”

As worldwide infection rates rise, government is going to great lengths to protect citizens from the Zika virus. Camden County is the latest to join a growing number of districts leveraging GovPilot’s e-government tools to bolster pandemic prevention programs.

Those interested in learning more about GovPilot can schedule a demonstration of the feature’s capabilities through GovPilot’s website.

 About GovPilot

GovPilot is a web-based Management Platform developed exclusively for local government. GovPilot optimizes workflow and revenue streams by replacing antiquated paper processes with digital automation. GovPilot unifies fragmented data and facilitates communication between employees and departments to promote informed decision-making. The platform offers 100+ templated processes, which can be used “off the shelf” or modified to fit a department’s specifications. GovPilot grants unlimited users the ability to manage and share data 24/7, from the office, the field, or the comfort of home.

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