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4 Automated Processes for Autumn

By Alannah Dragonetti

As usual, summer flew by and we find ourselves reaching for a light jacket and a pumpkin spice latte as we enter autumn. It’s always a good time to automate and streamline government operations, but certain items in GovPilot’s product catalog lend themselves especially to fall. Learn about four such processes below!


1. Leaf Collection



Crisp, fallen leaves from which fall takes its name are a beautiful sight but a harsh reality. Piles of slippery leaves make it difficult to park and dangerous to walk. Cities, such as New Providence, New Jersey, are optimizing leaf organization and disposal efforts with GovPilot’s Leaf Collection process.

Each autumn, New Providence gives residents the option of placing leaves in cans, open containers, or paper bags and placing them curbside for early Monday morning collection by DPW personnel. Residents may also choose to have their private landscaper take care of leaf collection and disposal.

Last year, the city introduced a third option that elicited an overwhelmingly positive response. For the first time, residents could purchase a permit to have their leaves vacuumed from the curb by New Providence’s DPW. Residents were instructed to apply and pay for the permit through a GovPilot digital application form on New Providence’s official website.

This third option quickly became the most popular, yielding 250 permit applications within less than one week of the leaf vacuuming program’s implementation. GovPilot’s Leaf Collection process helped the borough of New Providence generate over $13k in revenue while saving staff immeasurable keystrokes and hours of data entry.


2. Citizen Leaderhip Volunteer



In addition to “pumpkin spice season”, fall is “back to school season”a particularly daunting time for students entering their junior and senior years of high school. This is the point at which most begin the highly competitive college application process.

Applications that reflect a history of community service have been known to catch Admissions’ eye. GovPilot digital forms make it easier than ever for high school students to serve their community. College hopefuls can find and complete a Citizen Leadership Volunteer application form through their hometown’s website. GovPilot’s automated workflows ensure that registrants will soon be all set to give back to the community and stand-out in a sea of college applicants.


3. Block Party



Before you can say, “trick or treat”, it will be Halloween. If residents in your district go wild for costumes and candy corn, it may be worthwhile to adopt GovPilot’s Block Party process.

For years, residents of Clinton Place in Hackensack, NJ, have adorned their front yards with monstrous mannequins, blasted spooky sounds and employed smoke machines to create an atmosphere straight out of a horror movie. Tourists flock to the block each October to see the eerie sights. Encourage the start of a similar Halloween tradition with GovPilot’s digital Block Party application form.


4. Flag Raising/Parade



Saturday, November 11th, is Veterans Dayan occasion on which America reflects upon and honors the men and women who’ve fought and sacrificed to protect our great nation.

Local organizations will no doubt hold flag raising ceremonies and parades. Why not make it easy for them by placing a digital GovPilot Flag Raising/Parade application form on the city website?

GovPilot helps you automate, organize, streamline, optimize and otherwise prepare for all seasons. Download our brochure to learn how!


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