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3 Reasons Why Google Chrome is Gold

By Alannah Dragonetti

The Internet has opened a universe of possibilities, but your list of options for accessing the Internet is a world unto itself. Sure, Firefox, Safari and the like can help you find information and make connections, but in the world of Internet browsers, Google Chrome is king.

Indeed, Google Chrome is the most popular web browser, for good reason. We give you three of them in this week’s blog post!

  1. Chrome Promotes Productivity

The GovPilot platform is essentially a portal through which designated departments and employees can enter, view and edit client records, all stored in one comprehensive server. Cross-device access and real time collaboration helps clients achieve peak productivity from the field, the office, or the comfort of home.

Chrome is a browser after our own heart. In addition to lightning fast search speeds, it offers a wealth of desktop and mobile applications that enable users to bring their work home with them and wherever else they may go. Invite colleagues to work with you on a Sheet, Doc, or other project in Google Drive. Edits are automatically saved and permissions are easily customized to keep operations running smoothly and efficiently. Speaking of customization…

  1.  Chrome is Customizable

The name “Chrome” is a tad misleading. Though it’s named after an inflexible material, users can easily mold Google Chrome to fit their needs and preferences.

Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 12.53.20 PM.png

A straightforward menu empowers Chrome users to easily add and adjust everything from extensions to aesthetic.


A straightforward menu empowers Chrome users to easily add and adjust everything from extensions to aesthetic, for a personalized web browsing experience. Sounds a bit like another platform we know of.

  1. Chrome Best Supports GovPilot

Counties and municipalities adopt GovPilot because they wish to optimize day-to-day operations. Clients looking to optimize everyday use of GovPilot choose Chrome.

Though compatible with most mainstream Internet browsers, GovPilot digitizes, automates and streamlines most successfully when clients support it with Chrome.

So long, Safari! It’s time to boost productivity, express your creativity and make the most of your GovPilot experience with Google Chrome.

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