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3 Reasons to Automate Your Government Processes

By Alannah Dragonetti

You stand in front of the supermarket and the doors part to allow you through. You load your shopping cart with your regular items, occasionally stopping to check your smartphone. Advertisements for the website you visited last night loom in the corner of your screen. Once your cart is full, you head to check-out, where a robotic voice directs you to scan your items and calculates the total cost immediately and accurately. You head to the parking lot to find your car, which, if you believe the news stories, may soon drive itself.


This isn’t the opening of a science fiction novel. This is your daily life and the daily lives of your constituents. Everything is intuitive, responsive, automated.  If you can’t say the same for your municipal office, it is time to replace manual operations with GovPilot digital automation.

How GovPilot Processes Work

A GovPilot process is an automated version of a current manual function, like license issuance. Built with the input of subject matter experts, processes use pre-configured digital forms and workflows to simplify and centralize data collection, streamline communication and automate tasks such as scheduling.

Though an administration can customize processes to fit its unique needs, the standard GovPilot process usually flows as follows. The municipality  hosts a responsive, digital form on its official website. Constituents fill form fields with all relevant data and hit “Submit”initiating a workflow that promises an ideal experience for government and constituents alike.

Indeed, up-to-date municipal operations translate to a number of short and long-term benefits. We outline 3 below:

  1.     Seamless Internal Collaboration

Picture a work environment where poor communication doesn’t stand in the way of project completion. Where confusion is minimal and accountability is high. With GovPilot automated processes, you can stop picturing it and start benefitting from it!


GovPilot automated processes replicate your municipality’s routine functions and long-standing chain of command. Time-consuming meetings regarding scheduling and task assignment are replaced with an alert that conveys this same information. Notifications keep all relevant parties aware of new project developments. Each step is clear and accounted for, eliminating delays and expediting completion times.

  1.     Better Interactions with Constituents

As anyone who’s ever worked in the restaurant, entertainment, or any public-facing industry can attest, behind-the-scenes harmony translates to visible success. Digital forms and smooth, automated municipal processes save constituents a trip to city hall and significant wait time.

Constituents benefit from the same automated updates that inform government employees of progress made. Transparent processes greatly reduce the disruptive unscheduled calls and walk-ins that municipal employees are all too familiar with.

  1.     Improved Revenue Generation

GovPilot automation streamlines all processes, even those that involve a fee. Digital forms boast dynamic fee calculation and compatibility with most major payment processors. Implement GovPilot digital forms and you’ll see that convenient payment is a surefire way to stimulate revenue generation.

The automation trend shows no signs of slowing-down. Adopt GovPilot and avoid becoming an anachronism!


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