Michael Bonner

CEO & Founder

Sam Saafan

Co-Founder/Chief Architect

James Delmonico

Vice President

Evan Achiron

Director of Marketing & Communications

Besmir Alia

Chief Information Officer

Robert Camporine

Quality Assurance Engineer

Courtney Camporine

Onboarding Team Lead

Melissa Fernandes

Customer Success

Millie Fernandez

Director of HR

Dylan Kaplan

Solutions Specialist

Joseph King

Sr. Business Analyst

George Lockwood

Customer Success

Vihar Bhanderi

Solutions Specialist

Georgina Matias

Onboarding Business Analyst

Ryan O'Neill

Onboarding Business Analyst

Brian O'Reilly

Quality Assurance Specialist

Ethan Pae

Sr. UX/UI Designer

Bhavan Patel

Customer Success

Neil Patel

Onboarding Business Analyst

Yuan Yuan

GIS Specialist


GovPilot was founded to improve the efficiency and performance of governmental organizations with an affordable and scalable software-as-a-service (SaaS). Our cloud-based data management and GIS platform powers accountable automation and productivity applications that promote informed decision making, employee collaboration and consumer or constituent engagement.

GovPilot's workflow tools streamline communication and process everyday tasks and ecommerce transactions through completion. Our data integration and collaboration applications will unify fragmented departments, enabling employees to manage and share data in real-time, within a secure, role-based environment.

In addition, GovPilot aggregates assessment, ownership and historical sales data for millions of properties, providing users with access to vast amounts of real estate data. Its map-based interface enables users to understand complex data sets with visual simplicity from a state, county, municipal and parcel-level perspective.

GovPilot is built for mobility. Its users can upload, share and manage data, documents and images from any computer or device from the office and in the field. With a wide-array of use-cases, GovPilot's flexible framework can be deployed to fit the needs of any organization that collects geospatial information.