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Share the Wealth of Information

GovPilot’s GIS map can be publicly deployed to serve as a beacon of information for your government’s constituents and the general public.

In its most basic form, the map offers assessment information and layers such as FEMA flood maps, emergency service locations and Google real time traffic. Governments can easily enhance the map with custom layers that display voting districts, garbage pick-up schedules and more.

Accessible through your official website from virtually any device, GovPilot's public-facing GIS map reduces incoming call volume and unscheduled walk-ins while helping your government meet its transparency objectives.


Automation for Accountability

GovPilot helps your administration serve and satisfy concerned citizens.

GovPilot’s digital forms and mobile app empower constituents to quickly and conveniently report quality of life issues via a desktop or web-enabled mobile device.

Workflows route the complaint to the right department, division or employee, ensuring that it is received and resolved in a timely manner. No paper, but everyone is on the same page. Constituents are automatically notified when their complaint is received, escalated and resolved.

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