Tabernacle, NJ



System Replaced

Excel Spreadsheets and manual paper

GP Modules Deployed by Tabernacle

  • Business Registration
  • Animal Licensing
  • Open Records Requests (OPRA)

Business Registration

Tabernacle is a partner in central New Jersey that transitioned from a paper-based business registration process to GovPilot’s cloud-based digital platform.

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Tabernacle relied on an ad-hoc process consisting of paper records and Excel spreadsheets to manually record, track, and report on the city’s new business registrations and certifications.

Tabernacle's inefficient process relied on paper forms which were mailed to, faxed, or dropped off at the city’s offices by constituents seeking to open a new business. Often times these forms were filled out by hand illegibly or were incomplete, requiring employees to contact the constituent to rectify. Employees then had to collect, and manually enter information contained in the forms into an Excel spreadsheet. The paper forms included applications and certifications that then had to be filed and stored. 


GovPilot’s Business Registration module now makes acceptance and issuance seamless. The GovPilot digital application form sits on Tabernacle’s homepage and registrations cannot be submitted until all fields have been completed ensuring that all necessary information is sent to government employees. Automated alerts update applicants at key steps of processing, helping Tabernacle operate with greater transparency and organization. Files are automatically stored in the cloud for easy and instant access at any time. 

  • Prior to implementation of GovPilot, Tabernacle employees could only pay licensing fees calculated by hand. GovPilot calculates fee schedulers on their behalf freeing up time for higher level tasks.
Illegible Forms Eliminated
Eliminated improperly/illegibly completed applications - which used to be a common problem when paper forms were used.
Zero Submissions Lost
Using GovPilot, all records are permanently saved in the cloud-based server, eliminating lost or misplaced applications, which used to be common.
100% Completion
Digital form ensures that all required information is included by the requestor.
Automated Processes
116 Business Registration have been approved with easy to use registration labels and transaction reports.
Natalie Lewis

"Using GovPilot for business registration has made the process much easier for our office. Separately, the customer support team is always there for any questions we have!"

Natalie Lewis
Deputy Municipal Clerk

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