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Septic System Construction Permitting

The fourth most populous county in Texas, and the 16th most populous county in the United States implemented GovPilot’s Septic Construction Permitting workflow to drastically increase efficiency in the county’s application, review, and permitting process.

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A growing county with a population of over 2 million, employees and inspectors in Bexar County must process 80 - 120 applications and inspections of Septic System Construction projects every month. County regulations state that all applications must be reviewed and approved or declined within 30 days of submission, but the software system in use by staff was not able to efficiently handle the complex application process. Files were submitted as PDFs - many as long as 30 pages - which staff then had to print out (paper and printer ink is expensive) and then stacked hundreds of open applications on a table for review.

This highly inefficient process meant that applications often took the full 30 day period to be resolved - sometimes requiring employees to come in on the weekends. Payment was slow as staff had to wait to receive checks in the mail.

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Bexar County implemented GovPilot’s purpose built Septic System Construction Permitting module with the goal of streamlining and speeding the review and permitting process. 

With GovPilot’s end-to-end digitized process, Bexar County has drastically shrunk the review and permitting timeline, and has eliminated paper. The office is less cluttered and now staff are able to review, inspect and issue permits within just a couple of days instead of the nearly 30 days that it used to take. Staff no longer need to work over the weekends and payments are received instantly via the integrated credit card payment processor.

90% Decrease
Permit application review and approvals that used to take 30 days now only take three days from time of submission.
84% Backlog Reduction
Up to 120 applications used to take 30 days to review, now that backlog is less than 20, and is cleared within a week.
Instant Payment
Permit fees are now collected instantly through an integrated credit card processor directly in the application form.
Eliminated Paper
The county used to go through pounds of paper and printer ink each month. Now all records are digital - a huge time and cost savings.
Billie Dories

GovPilot is what my department has spent years searching for.


With GovPilot, it is easy to find the info that we are looking for. Our data is now in one spot. We made the right decision!”


Billie Dories
Environmental Crimes Investigator / Senior Inspector - SWQ

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