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Dog License

Union Beach, New Jersey dog owners can now sit (on the couch), stay (in the comfort of their own home) and obtain a pet license, thanks to GovPilot.

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For years, Union Beach required dog owners to come to city hall and apply for a license. Those who couldn’t make the trip would complete the application at home and send it through the mail, along with proof of rabies vaccination and payment, to the Clerk’s department. This system resulted in Union Beach government employees receiving improperly completed/incomplete applications on a near “constant” basis. Once they called the applicant, clarified and approved the license applications, they’d handwrite and mail a response. Employees sought a dog licensing system that would save them time and cut “the line [of applicants] down the hall disrupting business.”


GovPilot’s Dog License module makes acceptance and issuance less, well, ruff. The GovPilot digital application form that sits on Union Beach’s homepage cannot be submitted unless all fields have been completed. Automated alerts update applicants at key steps of processing, helping Union Beach operate with greater transparency and organization.

  • Union Beach officials sometimes lost or misplaced paper applications. That hasn’t happened since the administration deployed GovPilot.
  • Prior to implementation of GovPilot, Union Beach dog owners could only pay licensing fees (calculated by hand) by cash or check. GovPilot calculates fees and integrates with a third-party payment processor to allow for immediate online payment.
Never miss required information (Constantly missed emails and rabies information before GP)
Eliminated improperly/illegibly completed applications (Used to be common)
No lost or misplaced applications (All records are permanently saved in cloud server)
License generated and issued by automated system (Changed from hand written triplicate form)
Anne Marie Friscia

"The Dog License module has saved employees and constituents so much time!"

Anne Marie Friscia
RMC/Municipal Clerk

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