Sea Girt, NJ



System Replaced

Manual Paper

GP Modules Deployed by Sea Girt

  • GovInspect App
  • CCO
  • Code Enforcement
  • Dumpster Permit
  • Fire Registration
  • OPRA 
  • Report-a-Concern
  • Tree Permit
  • Zoning Permit

GovInspect App

Sea Girt, a coastal New Jersey township, partnered with GovPilot to transition several manual paper processes to a unified, digital platform as the town’s Zone and Code Enforcement Officer sought to go paperless by the summer of 2020.

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Sea Girt officials receive more than 1,000 non-emergency citizen concerns, and conduct approximately 200 inspections annually.

Prior to partnering with GovPilot, Sea Girt relied on phone calls and emails for citizens to report concerns, and paper forms to conduct inspections. These manual processes were inefficient and often led to delayed services. Citizen concern submissions were often lost, or not addressed or fixed. Residents could not see the status of their submissions, a lack of transparency which caused frustration among citizens. 

The two person inspection team handles at least 200 inspections per year, and had done so using clip boards and paper forms - the information from which had to be manually entered into a laptop in their car, or back at the office on their desktop. With each inspection averaging 30-45 minutes, plus the added driving and data entry time, the inspection process in Sea Girt was inefficient and time consuming.


Realizing the inefficiencies in the Report-a-Concern and inspection processes, and acknowledging the frustration of staff and residents, Sea Girt’s Zone and Code Enforcement Official, set a goal to go paperless by the summer of 2020. The onset of COVID-19 further amplified the urgency for digital transformation. 

GovPilot partnered with Sea Girt to provide GovAlert - a report-a-concern feature available on Sea Girt’s website and via a mobile phone app. 

Additionally, GovPilot worked with Sea Girt’s inspectors to replace the paper-based inspection process with GovInspect, GovPilot’s fully digital, cloud-based inspection application which enables inspections to be conducted end to end on a mobile device. Use of GovInspect has saved the Code Enforcement department 30-45 minutes per inspection, significantly increasing the office’s efficiency and productivity. 

  • 90% of citizen report-a-concerns now come in through Sea Girt’s website and are processed through GovPilot’s platform. 
  • Sea Girt officials report increased responsiveness from all departments as all submitted issues and inspection requests can be seen by all employees, ensuring they are addressed in a timely manner. Residents can also see the status of their reported concerns in real-time.
5 Minutes
The time it now takes inspectors to write and send a violation notice with GovInspect.
50% Shorter Inspections
With GovInspect, inspectors are now able to schedule 10-15 minutes per inspection, rather than the 30-45 minutes it used to take.
90% Online
With GovPilot, 90% of Report-a-Concern submissions are now received through Sea Girt’s website rather than phone or email.
24 Hours per Year
Inspectors achieve 24 hours per year in time savings simply by not having to return to their car to input data into a laptop.
Chris Willms

“With GovPilot there is accountability, problems are solved sooner, and  there has been increased responsiveness in all departments. Residents have been very happy to be able to submit requests from home.”

Chris Willms
Zoning and Code Official

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